25 Things That You Can Use Completely Differently Than Intended

There are many things that are invented to work for specific uses. But who is to say that they can’t be used differently than intended. There are some people out there that have found different uses for things than their original intent. Below is a list of 25 things that you can use completely differently than intended.

1. Lego Keychain: When we think of Lego we think to use it solely to make buildings and people from our favorite movies. But this person decided to make this Lego keychain holder. We have to admit that this is a pretty genius idea that we will be using from here on out.

2. Makeup Protector: This girl has turned simple googles into something completely different. She decided to wear them when she went into the shower because she didn’t want to ruin her perfect makeup. For all of you out there that wear makeup and know how hard it is to make it perfect, this should be the thing you do moving forward.

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