A Folding House That Fits In Your Pocket And 25 Other Wacky Living Experiences

In the past, owning a big house was on the top of a lot of must-have lists. But with those big homes comes a lot of cleaning and maintenance. Plus, the cost of a house nowadays is a lot of money. This is leading to people owning smaller houses and some living a minimalist lifestyle.

Below is a list of 25 wacky living experiences that people are now adopting.

1. Loft Cube: This wacky living experience is able to pop-up anywhere, according to inhabitat.com. This Loft Cube takes about two days to assemble and disassemble. Making this one good home for those who want to move around to different locations. Inhabitat.com states that this cube is an energy saver and due to the 360-degree windows there is no need to turn on a light in the daytime.

2. Camper Kart: This house is situated on top of a shopping cart which makes for one wacky living experience. According to fashionbeans.com, the Camper Kart is made out of recycled material so it’s one great way to be environmentally friendly. And because the home pops out of the shopping cart there is no need for you to have a home in one area, you can constantly move to different locations.

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