25 Weird ‘Waaaait A Minute’ Pics

It all lacks inspiration, you think, closing your laptop.

You sigh and rub the bridge of your nose. This project you’re working on just isn’t working at all! It’s not weird, none of it makes you say wait a minute, frankly, it’s trash! If only you had something that could alter your mind, potentially expand it so that you can get some artificial inspiration! Unfortunately for you, nothing like that exists. Fortunately for you, Bestie has the next best thing! Quickly, you open up your phone to the 25 Weird ‘Waaaait A Minute’ Pics. Hopefully, this will work!

1. Something’s fishy… Ew, gross! What could possibly be… Oh, I see. I totally agree with the guy on the right, I was scared for a second there. I figured yeesh, we just got over EBOLA and now we have to dance with the orange lipped virus in the pale moonlight? But no, just your typical fashion trend. Nothing to see here, folks.

2. Grapes of Wrath. Wait a minute… That’s not a single grape! I feel that the ending to this natural abomination won’t involve an old man suckling milk from a young woman’s breast, however, I can predict it may be even weirder.

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