25 Pics That Couldn’t Be Weirder If They Tried

It was around this line when the article began to take hold.

Hello and good evening fellow Bestie readers, I am your featured writer for the morning, Chase V. Timson. I am a journalist specializing in the parts of this world that may confuse, anger and terrify you. In fact, my book, Terror and Hatred in Utah: A Wild and Untamed journey into the lungs of the American Dream is my most recent foray into the odd. The weird and strange are what has molded me throughout my long career in journalism, so worry not your head dear reader, for you are in good hands.

Good hands for what, you ask? Well, in order to promote my book I’ve been teaming up with websites just like this one, slapping together an article like this one and riding off into the sunset, plug and pay in hand. Yes, Capitalism is a beautiful and cruel mistress and I hope to tame her.

Well! Without further adieu, let’s dive into 25 Pics That Couldn’t Be Weirder If They Tried.

1. In Bizarro world… While this picture may seem strange to the average Joe, the amount of times I’ve seen someone try this in the throes of a sugar high has been innumerable. They usually figure out the mistake once they’ve swallowed most of their lighter’s butane.

2. The AR-15 Nerf gun is the deadliest military-grade weapon on the market. Ah yes, there is no truer bastion of American freedom than the firearm. I personally own a Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster, which liberals will tell you is useless for hunting. I beg to differ, being able to put down 30 deer instead of 1 is working smart, not hard!

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