25 Hilarious Times People Wore The Right Shirts At The Right Time

Being in the right place at the right time is a great feeling, but an even better feeling is wearing the right shirt at the right time. Wearing a shirt that clearly explains what you are going through at that moment is priceless, and when someone gets a photo of it, it’s even better. Below is a list of 25 hilarious times people wore the right shirts at the right time.

1. Verlander: When baseball pitcher Justin Verlander went to a Starbucks, he ended up running into this little fan. The kid just happened to be wearing the right shirt at the right time because his favorite baseball player ended up taking a photo of him and posting it on his Instagram. Hope the little guy got a photo with him after.

2. Rare Match: When someone wears an out there shirt like this one, you would imagine that the chances of them running into someone wearing something similar would be incredibly slim. However, that’s exactly what ended up happening to this guy. Clearly, he understood how coincidental this moment was and decided to take a picture as proof.

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