25 People Whose Day Went From Worse To Even Worse

Gee whiz, how can this day get ANY worse?

At least that’s what you ask yourself, sitting alone in the hospital room, the branch still sticking awkwardly from your arm. Your mother told you not to go walking during the Great April Snowstorm, but you just HAD to get Doritos and Mountain Dew you disgusting, horrible, projecting slob.

Now you’re stuck waiting for the dang doctor. Don’t you pay into this? Shouldn’t they be faster? And where’s the priority? Maybe that little girl with the sniffles could go AFTER the person with a branch sticking out of their arm? You sigh deeply and pull out your phone. Hey, if no one is going to acknowledge YOUR misery, may as well laugh at other people’s for a while.

This is 25 People Whose Day Went From Worse To Even Worse.

1. Big Iron on his hip. Well that’s a bummer! Imagine having to clean all those up? Talk about spring cleaning! Seriously though, I guess tumbleweeds are your tax for having beautiful, lush, desert weather all year.

2. Ol’ Gil just can’t catch a break! The real question is who leaves an open bucket of paint in the back of their car? I mean at least use some bungee cords or SOMETHING. That’s really going to be tough to scrub out!

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