25 People Whose Day Started Out On The Wrong Foot

The glorious morning sun beams through your window. You stretch, taking it all in and then you step onto the cold floor and… fall forward. Confused, you look down your legs to discover— OH NO! You’ve woken up with two left feet! Dude! Bummer!

Don’t worry, these are some examples of 25 People Whose Day Started Out On The Wrong Foot, just like you! I mean, not in such a literal sense, but at least you can take some pleasure from other people’s pain. I think the Germans have a word for that…

1. Schadenfreude. As you lay on the ground wondering what to do about your two left feet, this gif makes you go “ooh”. See? Two left feet isn’t so bad! That’s when you wonder if you’re even going to be able to DRIVE with your newfound ailment and that makes you sad again. Darn Germans! Don’t they have a word for waking up with two left feet?

2. Wache mit zwei linken Füßen auf. You struggle to stand but after many pathetic attempts, you slump back down to the ground. Slowly, you crawl over to the doorway, attempting to escape from your dirty smelling bedroom floor to the dirty smelling floor in your hallway. Hey, cheer up! At least you didn’t break your door handle, like this— wait hold on I don’t think the handles meant to support that much weigh— oof. What’s the German word for “that sucks?”.

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