25 People Who Had One Job And Zero Common Sense

“What in the flippity floppin heck am I looking at?”

The potter gulps loudly and nervously. He loves making vases, has all his life. If he loses this commission, he’ll lose all sense of pride and accomplishment that CAME with this job. However, it seems the merchant is not pleased with his work.

“Alright listen,” the merchant says, leaning forward “I personally love creativity. Really, I do. But my customers are going to be confused when they see this vase. They’re going to complain and then guess what- I lose someone who buys vases”.

The potter looks at his vase. “Alright,” he says “I’ll admit it, it’s a bit out of the norm but vases are all so bland these days. I figured I would put my own personal spin on the established idea of a vase”.

The merchant rolls his eyes and rubs the bridge of his nose. “You artists are all the same. Here” with that, the merchant pulls from his desk a large tome “Let’s explore other people who did their jobs INCORRECTLY” the merchant flashes a long, dirty look at the potter when he says “incorrectly”. “Maybe then” the merchant continues “you’ll learn to do things right”.

The potter coughs as the merchant blows a cloud of dust into his face. “This, my “creative” little potter” says the merchant “is 25 People Who Had One Job And Zero Common Sense”.

1. More like Amazon Lame… Amazon Lime? The potter cringes at the title of the tome. “Don’t you think that’s a little harsh?” he says. The merchant shows the first picture: “About as harsh as this packing job”.

2. Make a wish, hopefully, it’s not for an outlet. The potter is confused about the last picture. “So… are you saying it was harsh or…” the merchant flips the page in response. “Aha!” he says “See? Do you want to be akin to this dummy? Doesn’t he see that is an electrocution hazard?”

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