People Can’t Get Enough Of This Kid Who Reviews Chicken Shops

When you ask your friends and family members for advice, you never really know how honest they’re really being. They may sugarcoat things in order to prevent your feelings from getting hurt. But if you really want brutal honesty then just ask a kid. Children have no filter so pretty much everything you hear from them is the honest truth. So when it comes to food reviews and recommendations, we think kids are going to have the best suggestions. 

 The Chicken Connoisseur is a kid from London that has very strong opinions when it comes to chicken. If you don’t want to waste time eating bland, unseasoned meat then you’re going to want to subscribe to this dude’s YouTube channel. His series, “The Pinkest Munch”, informs viewers on chicken places around the area.


In his latest episode, the Chicken Connoisseur visits the popular “Chick King” to give his honest opinions on the joint. Even though he has heard of some rave reviews from locals, he’s going into this place completely unbiased. When entering the establishment, he walks up to the counter and orders himself four wings, fries, a chicken burger, and a drink.

After gobbling down his meal it was time to hand out the scores. The fries were nothing special so he rated them a three out of five. As for the wings, he did have high expectations for them considering that he’s heard great things from the place but in terms of flavor, they were weak. Although he admits that they were well cooked, there wasn’t much seasoning. He guesses that there might’ve been a bit of cayenne and black pepper but nothing special. However, he was a fan of the breading. He gave the wings a 3.5 out of 5.

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Now it was time for the chicken burger.  Again, there wasn’t much flavoring but it was still better than average. He also gave it a 3.5. Overall, Chick King didn’t live up to the hype for the Chicken Connoisseur.   

 “If you come here looking for the pinkest munch, ya a idiot,” he says to the camera. Sorry folks, but according to this kid the chicken isn’t that great.

If you like his brutally honest reviews then you might enjoy the rest of the series by the Chicken Connoisseur. The YouTube channel currently has over 58,000 subscribers following his chicken review videos.

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