Socially-Awkward People Can Relate To These Comics

A lot of individuals out there can relate to socially-awkward situations. For example, feeling weird at a party where you don’t know many people, so you creepily stand in a corner by yourself. Or, abruptly ending a conversation with someone when you have nothing left to say. Social settings can be nerve-wracking and oh so awkward.

An artist by the name of Jane Zie has made light out of her socially-awkward self. She has a Tumblr page called “The Pigeon Gazette” where she posts semi-autobiographical webcomics about her everyday struggles. They say laughter is the best form of therapy, so laughing at yourself must count too.

Check out these hilarious comics by Zie. You’ll love them if you’re a socially awkward individual, or just find yourself in cringe-worthy social settings from time to time.

Ahh, like a scene from a movie. Touching hands, locking eyes and then throwing a FALCON PUNCH to get your box set! Between the options of going on an awkward date or spending a night alone watching a LOTR marathon, it’s a no-brainer.

Socially-awkward people only have so many go-to responses in their arsenal. Throwing in the odd “that’s funny” or “oh wow” can be safe replies during strange, unwanted conversations. But, when you use them the wrong way you might be digging your own grave.

No one likes to receive bad news. But, for socially-awkward people, the bad news isn’t what’s worrisome, it’s how they’re going to react that is. Everyone has their own form of coping mechanisms picturing a dog air-swimming is going to keep you from awkwardly freezing up when your boss is letting you go, then so be it.

Staying positive can feel impossible when you’re having a bad day. You can only take so much before it feels like crawling back into bed and starting over again tomorrow is the best option. Who wants to be productive anyway?

Socially-awkward people’s favourite place? On the internet, where they can be social, yet not have to be social all at the same time. Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram can take up a lot of time in our lives and leave us wondering where the day went. Wouldn’t it be neat to go back in time to the days without the internet? Actually, no it wouldn’t.


Not knowing how to react in certain situations is an everyday issue for socially-awkward people. What’s the first thing you relate back to when you see your friend’s blinding white skin in a bikini? LOTR, because watching three-hour movies alone is your favourite pastime.

Mothers can be savage, especially when you give them attitude. No one can get you where it hurts quite as moms can. They know your socially-awkward self better than anyone, and they’ll let you know it.

You could be an Olympic runner with how quickly you’re able to escape life’s problems. The unfortunate part is they always mysteriously end up finding you again. Socially-awkward people give the “fight or flight” response a whole new meaning.

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