Disfigured Veteran With Scars Says Hi To 5-Year-Old. Her Response Brings Millions To Tears

It’s hard to think about it, but life can change in an instant. We live our lives working towards making our lives better every day, but some things are out of our control. Meet Simon Brown. He has served in the army for 13 dedicated years. Suddenly, his life changed in an instant.

On December 2006, while he was serving in Basra, Iraq, Simon helped rescue six colleagues who were coming under fire after their vehicle broke down. At first, it was believed that Simon had initially escaped untouched and unharmed when he saved the six other men. But that all changed within a split second. A sniper’s shot left Simon fighting for his life.

According to the BBC, the shot completely ripped into him, destroying his left eye and seriously damaging his face. He told the news source, “I was rushed to Basra Palace, put in a drug-induced coma and flown back to Britain. I have 20 percent vision in my right eye now, which is a bit like looking through frosty glass, but at least it’s something”.

You can imagine how much Simon’s disfigured face had stripped him of his confidence. He had to figure out how to live like an independent adult. Then there’s five-year-old Temperance Pattinson, who goes by Tempy. She grew up with a love for soldiers and war heroes. Her love was so strong, that she started helping veterans ever since she was three.

Tempy has participated in a number of things that help out soldiers, such as charity triathlons. But she has never actually come face to face with a real life soldier. That was on her list of things to do. Well, introducing Help for Heroes. It’s an organization that gives support for people who just went through injuries, illnesses and wounds while being in the British Armed Forces.

As part of it Facing it Together campaign, Tempy got her wishes granted and finally got to meet a real life soldier-Simon. The two met in a pretty heartwarming face-to-face. In fact, it’s pretty emotional to watch. Simon wasn’t really sure how the little girl would react to his facial injuries.

But when you watch this meeting in the video down below, you’ll understand exactly why this video went viral. Being shared by thousands on Facebook. Spoiler alert: his scars and disfigurement had zero negative effect on Tempy. The conversation between the two is so sweet and adorable, it’ll make you feel really good during a busy work day. Check it out!

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