8 Ways To Combat Fatigue And Gain Your Energy Back


It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everyday life: there’s work, school, taking care of a family and just generally taking care of your own body so you don’t crash under the stress of it all. One of the most common complaints doctors hear all the time from their patients is that they’re tired and even exhausted. Most of the time the reason for this fatigue can be directly linked to bad habits like:

  • Eating poorly
  • Not sleeping well
  • Not exercising

How you deal with your emotions and manage your stress are other reasons for why you might feel like you’re running low on fuel and would just rather stay in bed all day.

There are a lot of things that work against fatigue that you can try. Most of these are easy, cheap and don’t take up a lot of time out of your daily routine:

Start The Day Right. Eating a healthy, nutritious breakfast in the morning can make all the difference. It can boost both your body and mind if you eat the right combination of proteins and fiber. The most perfect and easy-to-make breakfast is a smoothie because it’s quick to prepare, it’s easy to digest and if you play your cards right and buy the right ingredients, it can be super tasty.

Another Thing You Should Be Doing In The Morning: Stretching. If you do this first thing in the morning, you can eliminate tension, improve blood flow and reduce pain. You don’t really need any equipment to stretch in the mornings, except maybe a chair or a mat depending on what type of stretch you want to do.

Include More Greens In Your Diet. The way you eat can make all the difference in how energized you feel during the day. You can include more leafy and dark greens into your diet by simply eating spinach, kale and broccoli but you can also go with green drinks. Green Drinks are basically the fastest and most efficient way to get all those antioxidants and digestive enzymes into your body. Concentrated green powdered drinks can help boost your immunity, improve digestion and of course, enhance mental clarity and boost energy.

Use Cold Water. You know how jumping into a cold lake can make you feel like there’s electricity running through you? Well, researchers at the University of Chicago have found that cold water can have a similar effect on the mind. They found that when they exposed people to ice water, they performed better on standard alertness tests. The best way to get the full effects would be to take a cold shower, but running cold water over your wrists and face also works.

Mint Up Your Life. Studies show that the smell of mint can help people complete tasks faster and more accurately. Researchers say that mint has stimulating properties and the smell alone can make us more vigilant, which leads to having more energy. Instead of keeping gum and mints, try fresh mint leaves to garnish your food and drink with it.

See Your Doctor In Order To Rule Out A Serious Medical Condition. Fatigue can be a sign of depression, anemia and even arthritis.

Get Enough Sleep. Sleeping at least 7 hours per night can help have a lot of positive health effects. It’s ideal for replenishing important neurochemicals like natural endorphins (pain modulators) and serotonins, all of which play an important role in how tired or alert you feel throughout the day. Sleep is also important for replenishing and healing your muscles and joints. The best way to ensure a perfect night of sleep is by planning. Avoid big meals, caffeine, alcohol and screens right before you go to bed.

Use Simple Ways To Manage Your Stress. Stress can be exhausting not only mentally but also physically. You might not be able to eliminate stress, but you can definitely pick up some techniques on how to manage it. This includes learning relaxation techniques like mindfulness meditation, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and even aromatherapy. Most stress-fighting techniques are cheap, easy and don’t take up a lot of your time.

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