Studies Show That Husbands Stress Women Twice As Much As Children


A wonderful wife, a wonderful cook and a caring mother are just a few of many characteristics that a woman can possess during a marriage. With all the chaos that children can bring to the marriage, it’s no surprise that women experience stress along the way.

But what about the husband? Is it possible that the husband induces more stress into his wife’s life? In today’s society, more women really do feel like they are left with no choice but to parent their partner rather than rely on them.

Why? Well, read on to find out.

Many women are left to play chef, teacher, doctor, maid and even event planning in a relationship. Even though they act like superwomen, they’re not, and because of that, they run out of steam. This can affect the work that they do outside of the home.


In order to properly investigate this situation, conducted a survey that included over 7,000 moms. The results showed that the average mom rates her stress level an 8.5 out of 10. In addition, 46% of the women surveyed said that their husbands cause more stress than their kids.


What researchers also got from the survey was that three in every four moms with partners reported that they do most of the parenting and household duties.

One in five moms also reported that not having enough help from their spouse was a huge source of daily stress. They also complained about not having enough time in the day to do everything that needs to be done.


What is more disturbing is that researchers have recently discovered that this affects the health of each partner down the road. A study by the University of Padova found that if the wife passes away and the husband is left with the responsibilities, his health deteriorates. But if the husband passes away, the wife becomes healthier.


How to Fix It: The first step to fixing this issue is talking to your spouse/partner about it. It might help to try and make a list that will allow you both to split the duties, and also explain that splitting the duties will reduce the stress in your life.


As much as the husbands get a lot of grief for not pulling their own weight around the house, the truth is they do want to be the best husband and father they can be. Sometimes the wife/mother just doesn’t fully trust the husband with the duties, so they take them on instead.


How to Fix It: The best way for a mother to lighten the load on things is to trust her husband. They’re a team and are in this together and need to trust one another. It also gives the woman a chance to recharge herself and get some alone time. If this means letting daddy roll in the mud with the kids, then so be it!


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