Study Finds People Who Sleep In And Snooze Their Alarms Are Actually More Intelligent

A study entitled Why Night Owls Are More Intelligent was published in The Official Journal of the International Society for the Study of Individual Differences. It was conducted by authors Satoshi Kanazawa and Kaja Perina, who reveal that those in control of their sleeping habits are actually much smarter than the average person, despite the preconceived notions. When you know your body and you know your mind, you are showing signs of higher intelligence.

Although staying up too late and getting up early may seem like a silly choice to make, the study also revealed that those staying up later at night find more “creative ways” to solve their problems.

Furthermore, ignoring that annoying alarm and listening to your body actually exemplifies that you are more ambitious and are a leader, as opposed to a follower.

While we all can’t help but feel like bums in the mornings when we lounge in bed for too long, these studies reveal the positives in doing just that. The study does cater to night owls specifically, however, it can also be correlated to the bigger idea of simply listening to your body. It’s about having the ability to recognize when and how you thrive.

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For those who are better in the morning than at night, it’s important to utilize your mornings accordingly and get going on the daily tasks that require you at your best. If you’re more functional in the afternoon or evening, pay attention to that as well, and tailor your life around when you best excel in your day.

This study is supported by another one done at the University of Southampton in which they compared socioeconomic circumstances of men and women in relation to their sleeping patterns. Turns out, those who tend to go to sleep after 11 pm and wake up after 8 am have more income, and a more comfortable lifestyle.

Although this may be encouraging to the fellow night owls of the world, it isn’t to suggest that we should be spending all of our time in bed. In fact, people who regularly spend over 12 hours in bed per day are at a higher risk of an untimely death in the future. It’s important to listen to the needs of your body and go about your sleeping patterns accordingly.

If you want to spend those extra minutes in your bed, make sure you’re still aware of the time, so you don’t miss out on all of your daily responsibilities. Keep in mind that each individual is unique and reacts differently, and this isn’t a reflection of all who tend to sleep in. Embrace the revelation if it pertains to you, but remain on top of your daily duties, and remember to give yourself the chance to be the best you in your day.

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