14 Sneaky Ways To Burn Calories While Working

Do you want to be fit but are chained to your desk from 9 to 5? Sitting for long hours can be physically and mentally tiring. And to top it all off there is always a list of chores waiting to be done in the evening. Hitting the gym in the middle of your daily hustle becomes impossible, which might pack some pounds in your body.

Today we are discussing ways to burn calories while working. Do you sit on a stability ball at work? Can maintaining the right posture help? We are discussing all that and more… 

Let’s start with our first method, Parking Your Car in the furthest spot. 

Rigorous cardio exercises and weight training sessions are known to burn calories. While these exercises can be strenuous for a few, walking serves as the easiest way to torch calories. Try to walk from the farthest spot in your parking lot to the office door. If you don’t drive, try to walk to the nearest subway station rather than taking a cab.

The exact number of calories you lose depends on your walking speed, body size, and your existing health. Walking is convenient and inexpensive. The US government recommends every healthy individual take up at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity workout physical activity per week. Brisk walking can help you to lower blood pressure, reduce your chances of heart attacks, and type 2 diabetes, regulate your blood cholesterol level, strengthen muscles and bones and improve overall fitness. 

But how else can you Walk More At Work

Enjoying a 30-minute stroll after lunch can make your legs work more. To keep your steps in check, invest in a good fitness watch. It will be like having a personal assistant who can count your steps. It will help you track your daily progress and keep you aware of how far you are from achieving your daily target. Seeing the actual number of your daily steps can motivate you to improve and get fit. 

Taking a stroll after lunch has many benefits. First; it can help you digest your lunch. The slight physical activity will stimulate your brain and stop you from being lethargic all afternoon. Take a quick walk when you feel the urge to nap at your desk. It’s a great stressbuster and burns calories. 

Swap your traditional chair with a Stability Ball Chair. 

Never heard of it before? It is also called a yoga ball chair! Now you get it, right? Keep in mind sitting on the ball alone is not enough to burn calories, it just boosts the overall process. 

Studies have shown people who used an exercise ball instead of an office chair burned an extra 4 calories per hour. If you have a 45-hour workweek then it could come up to 180 calories a week. It’s good enough to burn a small mid-morning snack.

Most office chairs are typically flat and have a firm surface that does not activate muscles of your lower back or legs. A stability ball activates your core and aligns your spine. Apart from just sitting, it can also be used to do squats, push-ups, and planks in your office space.

Moving along, Stand At Your Desk for at least 30 minutes every couple of hours. 

Scientific research suggests that it might help to reduce weight. Standing will not trim your waistline immediately. But it will help to burn about 9 extra calories per hour. If you want you can switch to a standing desk where the screens are stationed at your eye level. It will increase your calorie expenditure and stop you from hunching over. 

Do you know what’s even better? 

A Treadmill Or A Pedal Desk!

Sedentary lifestyles can reduce your life span as you fall prey to modern-day diseases quickly. A pedal desk would require a stationary desk bike to be positioned under your desk. It does not burn as many calories as the real bike but it definitely helps in toning your calf and leg muscles. You can find one online. In fact, according to a study, employees who peddled for almost 50 minutes a day had improved focus, took fewer sick days, and lost more weight compared to those who did not. 

Similarly, a treadmill desk ensures weight loss of about 3 pounds in average individuals and up to 7.5 pounds in obese people. A treadmill desk is a modified treadmill with a platform to place your devices as you slow walk, brisk walk, or even jog and work. 

Do you have an Office Gym but you never visit? 

It’s time to take advantage of what your employer is providing. A few offices might be equipped with fitness centers and wellness programs. That way you don’t have to leave your office to get a good calorie burn. You will be able to work out during your break. 

This one should be an easy one, Avoid Junk Food!


Losing weight is challenging while most of us just focus on exercising, diet often goes unnoticed. Since you are what you eat –  you will be healthy only if you eat healthy. Get rid of snacks that have added sugars and are high in sodium. 

If you feel the urge to munch while working, plan to get your own snack. It can be a piece of fruit, a protein shake, or a handful of nuts. Focus on eating more protein. It can put an end to your unwanted cravings. Moreover, your body spends extra calories to digest proteins than fats and carbs. It will also help you to build some muscle and look lean. Proteins will ensure that your body gets all the essential amino acids without the unhealthy sugar, salt, and fat.

Additionally, do not get lured by the goodies at our offices’ vending machines. Sweets and chips are the worst things to eat on your weight loss journey. 

Thirsty? What’s better than Drinking Water.

Sometimes your brain may perceive that you are extremely hungry, while you may actually just be dehydrated. The American Council of Exercise recommends active women to drink at least 91 ounces of water every day. Carry a water bottle at work and keep sipping frequently. That way you will stay hydrated and avoid overeating. Make frequent trips to the water cooler and a small bottle will keep you on your toes. Don’t drink soda or energy drinks when you are parched. The naturally calorie-free drink, water, is the best way to reduce your calorie intake. 

Drinking more water equals more frequent bathroom trips.

More Walking To The Toilet folks!

Water flushes out all the toxins accumulating in your body. Even if there is a restroom on the same floor you can opt for one on a different floor, which adds more steps and raises your metabolism. Remember to take the stairs. Going up and down a couple of stairs a few times a day will help you to stay active and complement your workout routine.

Try Actually Going Over To Your Colleague’s Workstation instead of texting or calling. 

Today’s era is all about digital but try going back to your roots. Make it a point to break occasionally and connect with those at your workplace. The extra walking will help you to burn calories and create good personal bonds. Face-to-face communication can be beneficial for your brain health and boost productivity at work too.

Still want to break up your sitting time? 

Arrange for Walking Meetings

Sitting around the conference table with coffee and doughnuts can make you inactive. Spice things up by asking your colleagues to take a walk with you and continue discussing. It will boost your creativity and give you an opportunity for more brainstorming. You can also take your important calls outdoors. A change in environment and getting that extra oxygen to your brain can be refreshing. It will reduce the chances of brain fog and up your concentration. There are multiple benefits of walking meetings. Just give them a try I am sure you will start feeling healthier.

Do your fingers need a breather from continuous typing? 

Do some Finger Stretches And Wrist Rotations

It’s a calorie burner and will increase your flexibility. Throw in some neck stretches, triceps stretches, and spine rotation also. It will help you to improve your range of motion when you do your regular exercises. When your joints feel great you are likely to move more throughout the day. If you are a 125-pound person you can burn an extra 70 calories by doing yoga and mild stretching for 30 minutes as compared to a person of the same weight sitting idle in a chair. 

The Right Posture can also help keep your body in top shape 

This is an invisible exercise that will help to fire up your muscles and burn calories. If you usually sit in your chair with rounded shoulders and a sunken chest then it’s a clear sign that you have a compromised posture. You are more prone to back pain and fractures. Attempt a wall squat at least 2-3 times a day for maintaining a correct posture. You can also buy a few physical devices that can maintain your posture. 

Lastly, it’s time to squeeze in a quick 10-minute Micro Workout. 

It can be a burst of cardio exercises like jumping jacks, air boxing, or push-ups and lunges. This technique is probably the most effective way to burn calories faster. 10 minutes of cardio or HIIT workout can have a fat blasting effect just like a 50-minute light sitting workout. Studies show that it is better than regular aerobic exercises, lowers insulin resistance, makes your skeletal muscles strong, burns fat, and improves glucose tolerance. 

Eating low-calorie foods can make your weight loss journey easier. Foods like ice cream and fries are obviously off-limits.

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