The Science Behind Your Poop, And What It Says About Your Body

How well do you know your sh*t? Your fecal matter tells you a lot about your body. When we go to the washroom, the stenchy blob at the bottom of your toilet bowl is the result of the remains of your food, once your body absorbed all the necessary nutrients. Pay close attention to when it happens, as the way an individual’s poop smells and looks are signs as to what’s happening on the inside of your body.


It takes 1-3 days from the time of consumption for it to be ready for release. When it does, you’ll notice that it comes in all sorts of textures, each trying to tell us something in particular about our bodies. If it’s in separate, hard lumps, your body is lacking fiber and fluids, and you should consume more water, as well as fruits and veggies.

When it comes out entirely watery, this is called diarrhea, which is caused by an infection, and your body cleans it out this way. It’s recommended to replace the lost liquids with water to avoid dehydration. If it’s soft and sticks to the toilet bowl, this is due to too much oil, meaning your body isn’t absorbing fats properly.

If you find that it’s fluffy with clear-cut edges, this is normal if you’re regularly using the washroom, but beware, it may be on its way to diarrhea. If it comes out smooth in the shape of a sausage, this is optimal, and a great sign!

the science behind your poopItai Buenahora

When it comes to poop, there are various shades to pay attention to. If it’s green, your food may be moving too quickly through your large intestine, or you may have consumed too many greens. If it’s yellow, it’s probably also greasy and smelly, which indicates excess fat. This could happen with disorders like celiac, which you may not know you have.

On the serious end, if it appears black, you may be internally bleeding, due to an ulcer or even cancer. If you notice blood, this too may be a symptom of cancer, and you should let a doctor know.

It’s natural to go once or twice a day, although it varies with everyone. To keep your poop healthy, it’s important to eat a diet high in fiber and to properly hydrate to ensure that the process goes more smoothly, literally. Pay attention to your poop, as your body is certainly trying to reach out to you!  

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