Symptoms Of Deadly Flu Strain Spreading Across US Tend To ‘Escalate Rapidly,’ Doctor Says

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What started out as a common cold has now turned into a deadly epidemic. The family of Dylan Winnik is now grieving their 12-year-old son’s death after he passed away last on January 23, 2017, due to flu-like complications. This is just one episode of what is now being called a deadly flu strain.

Family members said that Dylan began developing cold symptoms on January 29th, which was a day after he attended a birthday party, according to Local10News. By the time Tuesday rolled around, his symptoms had worsened and a neighbour had to call 911. By the time the sheriff’s deputies arrived, Dylan had already passed away.

Mike Medwin, Dylan’s stepfather, told WPTV that Dylan had not gotten his flu shot. According to the CDC, 30 children have already died this season as a result of flu-related illnesses. At this time last year, only eight children had perished.

The numbers that the CDC has presented are expected to rise due to more flu-related deaths that have been reported in the past few days. Dr. Margarita Rohr from NYU Langone Health explains to Fox News that the most common flu that is being reported this season is Influenza A (H3N2). The symptoms of this flu tend to escalate quickly, particularly in children and older adults.

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Rohr believes that the symptoms of this deadly flu strain are rapidly escalating because of the type of strain that they are dealing with. The normal flu symptoms will last between one to two weeks according to experts. But the timeline can vary depending on the immune system of the individual.

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Brenda Fitzgerald, who is the CDC director, told Reuters that about 85 percent of the children who die from the flu have likely not been vaccinated. The vaccine does not guarantee that a patient will not experience influenza, but data does suggest that the vaccination can make the symptoms milder.

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Emily Muth is another victim of this deadly flu strain. The little 6-year-old girl was diagnosed with the flu and passed away three days later. Tandy Harmon, a 36-year-old single mom who lived in Oregon, passed away just two days after being diagnosed with this deadly flu strain.

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Lily Kershaw, who was just 5-years-old, passed away from this deadly flu strain. Health officials say that she is the first child to die from the flu in Nebraska this year. It’s no surprise that the sudden deaths of children and adults have frightened the public, but there could be relief on the way.

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Fitzgerald explains that according to the surveillance system of the CDC, the flu season is peaking at the moment. But she also states that from past experience it will take more weeks for it to slow down. Physicians are also urging people to get the flu shot if they haven’t done so already.

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According to the CDC, since 2010, the average range of people being hospitalized due to influenza is 140,000 to 710,000 cases. They also added that in a typical year, the flu has killed between 12,000 and 56,000 people.

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To protect yourself from the flu, the first thing you should consider doing is getting the flu shot. If you are against getting the flu shot, practice washing your hands frequently, covering your mouth when you cough and staying away from those who are sick. You should also refrain from touching your face with your hands. Your hands are covered in bacteria. You should also avoid sharing food or drinks with others. They may not know they’re sick and end up transferring the virus to you.

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