This Guy Eats 13 Bowls Of Cereal A Day For 3 Years, Here’s What It Did To Him

We all have our favourite foods that we just love to eat. Usually, those favourite foods aren’t the healthiest of choices for us, but hey, we can control ourselves right? Well, some more than others. Honestly, the people who are addicted to vegetables or healthy stuff are pretty damn lucky. Well, meet Phillip Patrick.

Phillip is just 19 years old, and according to Daily Star, he claims he had a fairly healthy diet. Well, he had a healthy diet before he left his home about three years ago. Now, Phillip has a pretty intense addiction to one particular food. Cereal. You’re probably wondering how bad this addiction actually is.

Well, Phillip eats an astonishing 13 bowls of cereal a day. But it doesn’t end there. He tops it with about 138 spoons of sugar. But Phillip isn’t happy with his addiction, nor is he in complete denial about it. This dad-of-one is begging for some help to end this addiction for good. According to Daily Star, this addiction consists of firing through a 5kg bag of sugar every NINE day.

According to the news source, Phillip enjoys eating breakfast treats like Weetabix and cornflakes. He loves eating his crazy amounts of cereal in front of his favourite TV shows. Patrick has powered through 14,235 bowls in just about three years and has gotten through six boxes and 15 pints of milk in just a little more than a week.

This Guy Eats 13 Bowls Of Cereal A Day For 3 YearsYouTube

Phillip then drinks down this cereal not with water, but with tea that contains about SIX sugars. He tells the Daily Star, “I used to be quite an active lad, playing football, cycling and running. But now I’ve got no energy. I struggle to walk up the stairs because I’m so out of breath.”

He continues, saying: “I need to get my life back, I could die from it.” The fellow lives with his partner Sophie Rich old, 19. Although his girlfriend lives on a pretty healthy diet, something about Patrick having full freedom has caused him to ditch the diet and give up meals entirely.

To get into more detail about Patrick’s addiction, he has two bowls of cereal in the morning, each containing 10 teaspoons of sugar and then he has four while watching The Bill before he has another one at 3 pm and then against at 6 pm. According to Daily Star, Phillip consumes about 6,906 calories per day. That’s pretty insane if you ask me! Check out the video below to hear what Phillip has to say about his addiction.

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