What Moles On 7 Places Of The Body Say About You

Do you have moles anywhere on your body that you’ve disregarded your whole life? Most people have some form of mole or beauty mark on their bodies, but have probably never really paid much attention to them. Well, the placement of moles on your body can actually mean something about the type of person you are. If you’ve never really thought about the placement of moles on your body, you may be interested to find out.

7. Temple

What Moles On 7 Places Of The Body Say About You | TempleBestie

If you have a mole on your temple, it could possibly mean that you have the opportunity to travel in your future, or that you have been given an opportunity in the past to travel. This could mean traveling for business or for pleasure. It’s possible that you may not have traveled much in your life, and if you haven’t, prepare for changes in your future. You may have the opportunity to travel to various parts of the world for pleasure, or perhaps travel somewhere for a potential new career opportunity. If you have a career you are settled in, you may be offered the opportunity to travel somewhere for a certain project, which will open your eyes to new experiences.

6. In Between Your Eyes

What Moles On 7 Places Of The Body Say About You | Between the eyes Bestie

The mole in between your eyes could mean that you will advance in your current or future career. If you currently have a career, it could mean that you will soon have the opportunity for job advancement. This could mean a promotion, or perhaps a job offer in a new industry or career you have been applying to for some time. This could also mean that you are in line for a salary change or significant career change, or perhaps an advancement in your current field. Because a mole between the eyes represents a career change or career advancement, those who do not have a career or are studying for one should expect their hard work and effort to pay off in the near future. So remember – all the hard work you’re putting in right now isn’t for nothing! You are taking the necessary steps to achieve in your life and your career – all it takes it a little bit of patience!

5. Eyelid

What Moles On 7 Places Of The Body Say About You | EyelidBestie

If you have a mole on or above your eyelid, between your eye and your eyebrow, or even directly on your eyebrow, it represents your love for your home and your family.

A mole on this area of your body means that you are unique, eclectic and versatile. Your versatility means that you are a people person and a great conversationalist. Because you are a people person, you often take the position of leader or mentor in both your work life and your personal life. You are open to changes and even embrace them, and you are constantly looking for new and more creative ways to do things.

4. Upper Lip

What Moles On 7 Places Of The Body Say About You | Upper lipBestie

If you have a mole above your upper lip, it could mean a lot of things. It can possibly mean that you are a bit of a materialistic person, and that you worry about materialistic things rather than other things that have no monetary value. Although you are more of a materialistic person, you also have top notch interpersonal skills and have lots of friends because of this. You are usually the more talkative person in your group of friends, and you are rarely shy. Because you’re super talkative, you are generally looked at as the more popular person in your group of friends.


3. Cheekbone

What Moles On 7 Places Of The Body Say About You | CheekboneBestie

A mole on your cheekbone can mean a variety of things. It could mean that you may advance to a role in your workplace that takes on a lot more responsibility. You may take a new leadership role in your place of work. This could also mean that you may find yourself taking a leadership role in activities you do outside of work or even in your personal life. The placement of this mole could also mean that you are due for a pay raise, or that your wealth may increase significantly. This wealth may be achieved through your new role, or you may perhaps gain another means of income that will increase your wealth. You are smart and confident and know how to deal with power and guide others to success. Because you are so smart and driven, you are also very confident and are never afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and do anything you can to achieve your dreams and be successful. People look up to you for that and look at you as a leader who can accomplish anything they set their mind to. So keep up the good work!


2. Palm Of Your Hand

What Moles On 7 Places Of The Body Say About You | Palm of your handBestie

If you have a mole on the palm of your hand, it means that you are generally good with money and know-how to save it and spend it wisely. You are a smart, level-headed person with a lot of ambition. Because you’re so ambitious, you often excel in your workplace and are noticed by your superiors. If you have a mole on the back of your palm, it means that your finances are in order and you know how to manage your money quite well. You know when to invest in the economy and when not to, and often give good advice when asked about finances.

1. Feet

What Moles On 7 Places Of The Body Say About You | on FeetBestie

A mole on the sole or soles of your feet represents a need and passion for travel and the experience of different cultures and foods. Because you are a traveler and understand the varying ways of life in different places, you are open-minded. This makes you fun to be around, and people often seek your advice. In your workplace, you are well-liked. Much like in your regular life, people come to you to seek out advice. This puts you in the perfect position for a possible role in leadership in your workplace or any other area of life, so grasp it!

Now that you know what moles could say about your personality or your future, here is what moles on your arm and other body parts can say about your health!

Skin Cancer

What Moles On 7 Places Of The Body Say About You | Skin CancerBestie

The University of Utah states that moles may be able to identify if you have an increased risk of skin cancer. A recent study which was conducted by the St. Thomas’ Hospital in London states that people who have over 10 moles on their right arms could be at risk for skin cancer.The study finds that having a lot of moles on your body could mean that there is a greater probability that you may be at risk for skin cancer. This is because multiple moles on your skin can mean that your skin cells are very active. This can increase the risk of your skin skills becoming cancerous.
Kristina Callis-Duffin, MD, assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Utah, states that having over 10 moles on your arm can significantly increase the likelihood that a person has hundreds of moles on different parts of their body. This can increase the risk of melanoma by up to ten percent.


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Callis-Duffin explains that the only way to be sure that you do not have skin cancer is to get a full skin check up from a dermatologist. She states that while moles on your arms can indicate your potential or risk for skin cancer, melanoma can actually develop anywhere on the body. This is why it is crucial to keep an eye on your skin and keep track of any new changes or developments on your skin. Calls-Duffin also says that people should be cautious when it comes to sun exposure. The more sunburns a person gets, the greater their risk is for melanoma. So when you are in the sun, always wear sunscreen and sunglasses to minimize the risk of developing skin cancer.


So be sure to keep an eye on your skin, and visit a dermatologist if you notice any differences or changes that seem to be unusual. And as always, make sure to properly protect yourself in the sun. The effects of sun exposure accumulate over time. So the more sun exposure you get, the more likely you are to develop skin cancer years down the road.


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