World’s Fattest Boy Who Weighed Over 400 Pounds Loses A Huge Amount Of Weight So He Can Play

Child obesity has been a rising issue in the world. No matter how many people you see on social media being fit and healthy, the reality is different. People are getting bigger and we don’t realize it.

The reality is that no matter how often you see people promote ‘clean-eating’, the majority of us still prefers grabbing a slice of pizza over a vegan salad. I mean, it is cheaper, right? Some kids experience obesity in a more extreme way than others.

This is Arya Permana and he has been dubbed the world’s fattest boy when he was just 10-years-old. Permana weighed a whopping 420 lb at his heaviest and has been undergoing a staggering weight loss journey. And the transformation is heart-warming.

Arya has lost an impressive amount of weight just for him to do something so simple like playing with his friends. Something that a lot of us don’t even think twice about.

The child lost 160 lb after working hard and focusing on dieting. He is now about to leave his bed, where he was bound due to his obesity, and he’s on his way to playing badminton.

Arya’s ever-growing frame meant that he didn’t have clothes that were big enough to fit him and he couldn’t go to school because he couldn’t walk there. All these things meant that he was confined to laying in bed and just playing on his phone or sitting near the pool to keep himself cool.

One day his parents decided to make a last attempt in essentially saving their son’s life, helping him shed the massive amount of fat. After following the advice of a dietitian and eating a ton of fresh fruit and veggies, Arya now weighs 260 pounds and can walk to school!

The boy’s parents, Rokayah and Ade Somantri, couldn’t be more relieved and happy with their son’s progress so far. They are just so thrilled that the boy can live a fairly normal life. They told The Mirror, “We are very happy to see him leading a healthy life. He is very active and in good health”.

They continued noting, “His sleep is sound and there is no more worry of respiratory problems. He can also walk and play without complaining of shortness of breath”.

Arya had a bariatric surgery last April that helped him lose 40 lb in just three weeks. But even though he has an incredible progress, Arya does require more surgery if he doesn’t continue to lose the weight.

Arya seems to be on his way to living a completely normal life, but he needs to keep up with his strict diet and being active as much as he can. His parents note, “I am really happy to see my son’s health now. I cannot express in words how happy I am.”


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