24 Pictures We May Never Ever Understand

Every picture may tell a story, but there are some that leave us with more questions than answers. There’s no shortage of bizarre pictures circulating around the Internet, and many have reached a level of virality solely based on their weirdness. While we may never get an explanation for these obscure images, there is something entertaining about the fact that they exist at all.

From people who questionably went above and beyond in the name of peculiarity to everyday sights that make you tilt your head in bewilderment, the one thing these pictures have in common is their ability to make you ask: “Why?”

Here are 24  strange pictures found on the Internet that we may never fully understand.

1. It’s not every day that you see a grizzly bear in the city unless the circus is in town, but even then, they aren’t usually riding around in the back seats of cabs. What’s even more confusing is that both the bear and the front seat cab passenger seem super casual that this is happening. Where could they possibly be going? And how desperate for passengers do you have to be to pick up a man and a live bear?

2. Bikini beach photo shoots are nothing new, but rarely do they include laptops as props. Did the water just happen to come up higher than anticipated? Even then, it doesn’t really explain why this woman is so happy considering that her laptop has just become inoperable or why the photographer wouldn’t have warned her.

3. The foreground offers enough randomness to warrant the unexplainable nature of this picture, but whatever happened in the background only adds to the “what?” factor. Did this guy just see an opportunity to pose with his new blender on route to a wedding? Or are these two events related? This dapper young man may be the only one with the answers.

4. At first, you might wonder how someone managed to put underwear on a tree that has branches extending widely and quite lengthily, but the more important question is why would someone do this at all? Whoever is behind this put in a questionable amount of effort to weird out passersby.

5. If you have a profession that requires a headshot to promote your services, it only makes sense that you’d want to look your best, and sometimes that can come with a little help in post. However, this phantom eyebrow is probably not the look that this woman was hoping for.

Reddit /u/ Zaqudon

6. While we’re all well aware that monkeys have to puke just like the rest of us, it doesn’t really explain what’s going on in this picture. The fact that this man is consoling a vomiting primate is one thing, but why two people felt the need to document this moment from separate angles is the bigger question.

VK Mag

7. Ever wonder where all of those missing socks go? It may be a case of ignorance is bliss if this is the source. Was this some sort of costume or did this woman have one seriously rough day at the local laundromat? It looks like she took an involuntary ride in the dryer.

8. Maybe this is from some small town’s annual fisherman calendar or maybe this woman was simply taking advantage of a photo op while being used for size ratio. Whatever the case, there are still a lot of questions that are begging to be answered with the documentation of this big catch.

9. This might just be the family TLC has been dreaming about for a reality show for ratings season. Whatever is happening in this picture looks like it could be greenlit for a second season, spin-off, and reunion special on its own. It’s hard to say who you should be rooting for here.

10. Why anyone feels the need to jump into water that has frozen over is questionable enough on its own. However, the fact that this polar bear dipper is holding up a computer with solitaire on the screen while submerged in the freezing water doesn’t make any sense. What’s even more confusing is that this is a team effort.

11. Maybe this is what they should be showing kids in school to prevent them from doing drugs. That otherworldly skeletal creature being fed an unknown substance in the back? A regular girl who gave in and had just one puff. This is why you should never be the last one to leave a party.

12. Just because a picture warrants more questions than an inquisitive toddler, doesn’t mean you always want the answers. Hopefully, this girl knows what she signed up for because that crouched pantless man with slicked hair and a menacing hand position doesn’t seem super trustworthy. His knockoff Teletubbie friend isn’t super convincing either.

13. Nothing says family photo like mother and child hanging out in the bathtub with a gun. You have to wonder if this shot was planned or if this is just a casual occurrence and dad just so happened to see the opportunity for a picture? Either way, the absurdity prevails.

14. There are many things that can be successfully dispensed from a vending machine, but these fragile items are not them. Unless the take-out port is lined with cushioning, the chances of receiving anything not in a shattered state are incredibly slim. Some things are just meant to be on shelves.

15. Maybe this pregnant woman felt like she was becoming less desirable and decided to go a bit overboard for attention by getting a little Coyote Ugly in public. It may be the dead of winter, but hey, that certainly cancels out a lot of competition although these guys look less than impressed.

Imgur / HamsterOnAGoat

16. Maybe chilling the lower half of her body in ice-cold water is just a stress coping technique? However, one wouldn’t imagine that wherever she is would have very good Wi-Fi. There may be no explanation behind this picture’s set up, but you do have to admire her ability to maintain a nonchalant expression.

17. Most people opt for a stand when selling bananas, but then again, there’s nothing in this picture other than the surplus of bananas that really insinuates that he’s selling them. In fact, it looks more like he’s using the bananas as protection. Whatever his intentions are, the effort is admirable.

18. There is a variety of kooky clocks out there for those who feel they need to express their uniqueness in such a way. However, this bean-filled clock doesn’t seem like the most practical choice. I guess you just have to make an estimate from 3 to 9, but then again, you could always just check your phone.

19. People tend to forget how visible they are to others when driving on the highway and often drift into their own worlds, which can have some pretty embarrassing results. However, this man with a shoe in his mouth isn’t as much embarrassing as it is baffling. Why? Just why?

20. This musical prodigy of a child certainly knows how to get his family feelin’ loose although the wine glasses probably were of contribution. Let’s just hope this man is picking up his pants instead of intentionally dropping them or this family dance party has gone from weird to straight up creepy.

21. The only way this picture makes any sense is if that pole was erected after this car’s off-road rampage in order to deter others, but that still doesn’t seem very likely. Was this the work of two separate motorcyclists who happen to be incredibly synchronized on their joy rides?

22. Novelty USB sticks are certainly not atypical, and though there are a variety of different kinds, one thing they usually have in common is their size, which is often small enough to fit into a pocket. This shovel USB, however, is so wildly inconvenient you have to wonder why it exists at all.

23. In all fairness, who wouldn’t want their own reclining chair while riding the subway? While we all may understand the desire for public transportation comfort, you have to wonder how he managed to actually get this chair on the subway? How did this thing manage to fit through the turnstiles?

24. It takes some serious fancy festival footwork to completely deteriorate the sole of your shoe, but it also takes some serious carelessness to rock said shoe above your ankle. At a certain point, you have to wonder why wouldn’t this man just go shoeless? And how did one shoe manage to be in such worse condition than the other?

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