Surprising Benefits Of Drinking Warm Water In The Morning

Hey there viewers! What’s the first thing you drink upon waking up? Tea or coffee? What if we tell you to drink warm water first thing in the morning? 

It might be a normal habit to reach out for a glass of cold water or freshly brewed coffee in the morning. But you’ll be surprised to know how much of a difference changing just one habit can make in your life. 

Today, we are going to discuss the surprising benefits of drinking warm water in the morning. Can it relieve nasal congestion? What impact does this have on your digestive system? We’ll be talking about all of this AND more…

You’ll Be Surprised To Know How Beneficial Drinking Warm Water Can Be For Nasal Congestion

Well, when you hold a cup of warm water in your hands, you’d have a good amount of steam wafting up to you. Take a good inhale of this steam and you can get rid of clogged sinuses. It is also a good way to relieve yourself of a headache caused by the sinus.

Mucus membranes are present in your sinuses and the throat. When you drink warm water, that part can be warmed up. It also relieves you of any sore throat caused by the buildup of mucus.

In one study, it was seen that hot beverages such as tea can give quick relief to coughing and a runny nose. They also provide lasting relief against conditions such as a sore throat. Warm beverages proved to be more effective than room temperature.

Drinking Warm Water Can Help With The Digestive Process

If you want to keep your digestive system going, you need to drink water. The movement of water along your intestines helps your body remove waste. Drinking warm water in the morning can stimulate the digestive system.

When you drink cold water after a meal, it can be counterproductive. Whatever fats or oils you have eaten through your meal will get solidified when washed over with cold water. This causes the formation of deposits and makes digestion hard.

If you don’t like drinking plain warm water first thing in the morning, add lemon juice to it. It will be even more beneficial for you. 

Shed Extra Pounds By Drinking Warm Water

Trying to lose weight? It’s an uphill battle. You need to sort your lifestyle, track calories, and exercise daily. But there’s one more thing you can do to shed those extra pounds. You can drink warm water in the morning. 

People who are trying to lose weight MUST drink a lot of water daily. Your body can mistake thirst for hunger, giving you weird cravings at odd hours. When you drink warm water, it will increase your body temperature. When that happens, it also increases your metabolic rate.

The most effective way to decrease your weight is by increasing your metabolic rate. When there is an increase in this rate, your body gets the chance to burn more calories throughout the entire day. You will, essentially, be able to burn more calories than you eat.

Another way to lose weight using warm water is by adding lemon juice to it. Doing so can help your body break down the fat that has been stored in your body.

When you have warm water with lemon, you would also be able to control your cravings for food. This is because lemon has a fiber called pectin. This makes sure you remain full for a longer period of the day and do not suffer any hunger pangs avoiding extra calories.

Sleep Better By Drinking Warm Water In The Morning

You probably know how essential it is for your health to get a good night’s sleep. A healthy sleep schedule keeps you fit both mentally and physically. Lack of sleep can give you various chronic diseases as well as stress. And long-term stress is a further invitation to health challenges. 

You can escape all of these by sleeping peacefully at night. And a glass of warm water will help you do just that. Drinking warm water during your dinner is a great way to help you fall asleep. The warm water can help relax your muscles. It soothes your nerves, helping you fall asleep a lot quicker than you would normally do.

Another advantage of drinking warm water is that it will stop your midnight cravings. You will no longer wake up in the middle of your sleep cycle only to raid the pantry for some food. This also helps in making sure you don’t add calories.

Drinking warm water and not succumbing to your midnight cravings also helps you feel rejuvenated in the morning. You would have a restful sleep and be a lot more active when you wake up the next day.

Drink Warm Water To Improve Your Central Nervous Function

Feeling grumpy in the morning? Unable to concentrate? Any idea what can help you focus better? A glass of warm water!

It’s important to drink water, preferably warm, in the morning as it affects your nervous system. It also has a positive impact on your brain function.

In one study, it was seen that drinking water is key to improving your central nervous activity. The results also showed drinking water improved the mood of the participants. Drinking water also improved brain activity among the participants while they were doing demanding tasks.

Drinking warm water can also help reduce your anxiety levels. The results of the same study also showed there were reduced levels of self-reported anxiety.

Say Goodbye To Premature Aging By Drinking Warm Water

We all want to look young and glowing as long as we can. There are several creams and serums available that claim to have anti-aging benefits. But did you know there’s an inexpensive solution?

A glass of warm water!

Your body would have a lot of toxins in it, because of the junk food you eat and the pollutants you inhale. Because of these toxins, you tend to age faster. Of course, nobody wants to age prematurely!

But these toxins can cause illness. Thankfully, there might be a solution in the form of warm water. If you drink warm water, it can help remove the toxins from your body.

Warm water can also help repair your skin cells. This helps your skin retain its elasticity. Your skin won’t sag as easily as you get older.

No More Constipation!

Constipation is a digestive issue that most people would have suffered at one time or the other. It’s not a comfortable feeling but drinking warm water can help your body resume healthy bowel movements again.

One of the main reasons for constipation is dehydration. If you don’t drink enough water every day, it will dehydrate your body. This causes hard stool and constipation. Drinking warm water is a great way to find relief.

The best time to drink warm water to help your constipation is soon after you wake up before you eat anything. It helps improve your bowel movements. It’s especially helpful for women as they have to deal with a lot more hormones which can cause constipation.

Drinking Warm Water In The Morning Can Act As Pain Relief

Another advantage of drinking warm water in the morning is its ability to reduce pain. This is specifically true in the case of menstrual cramps. Warm water can help relax your stomach muscles, which eases menstrual pain.

It’s not just menstrual cramps, though. Warm water can also help with all other types of cramps too. Warm water improves the circulation in your body, which will help relax your muscles.

Improve Blood Circulation By Drinking Warm Water

When there are fat deposits in your body, it can restrict the blood flow. A glass of warm water in the morning can help remove these deposits.

Warm water can help eliminate the toxins from your body. When that happens, your blood circulates a lot easier. Another advantage is it helps loosen your muscles, which in turn assists blood flow.

Another way to improve your blood circulation is by having a warm bath. When you take one , it expands your arteries and veins. This helps the blood to circulate a lot easier.

Drinking Warm Water Can Make You Feel Happy

Not everyone wakes up chipper in the morning. But you have the power to feel better by drinking just one glass of warm water as soon as you wake up. You’ll be setting up yourself for a good day.

When you drink warm water, it can help improve your mood. In one study, water was given to participants who generally did not have enough of it. The results showed those who increased their fluid intake improved their mood.

In the same study, participants who usually drank a lot of water were given lesser fluids. The results showed that they not only were thirstier but also reported a lower amount of contentment. They also showed less positive emotion.

In another study, it was seen that dehydration directly affected mood in a negative way. The same study also showed that rehydration resulted in a better mood.

Drinking warm water will help you stay positive. You should also make sure that you drink water all day so that you can stay happy, and tackle whatever comes your way.

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