24 Highly Questionable Pictures That Went Viral

Going viral is the goal for many follower-hungry people on social media, and while it’s possible to jump on the trend bandwagon, it’s impossible to know what’s going to be the next thing to take over the Internet. It’s never too long before a new picture-of-the-moment starts circulating around the web, and more often than not, it’s the outlandishness of the photo that sets the viral wheels in motion.

It only makes sense that weirdness prevails when it comes to things being shared on the Internet. When you lay your eyes on something so bizarre it can hardly be explained, all you want to do next is share that thing with everyone you know.

Ready to see what got everyone slamming that share button? Good, because here are 25 highly questionable pictures that instantly managed to reach a level of virality.

1. What makes a picture of women dining in booths special enough to go viral? Sometimes it’s the caption that goes along with it. Reddit user turkletom shared this candid snap with the community, writing, “Each booth is an alternate reality.” These sets of women wearing similar colors ended up amassing over 100,000 upvotes and was quick to be shared across the Internet.

2. There are a number of ways to sneak into a movie theater, but there’s one that has become a staple in the cartoon world. It’s not a strategy that translates very well into the real world, however, that didn’t stop these two from trying it out. The real-life sight proved to be hilarious enough to warrant thousands of shares.

3. Most people have had their passport picture taken, and rarely do they come back being very flattering, but not many people have had theirs end up going viral. This woman’s passport picture, however, got some special attention on the Internet due to how elongated her forehead became in the printing process.

Reddit /u/ reece1

4. While the initial appeal of Snapchat was that the pictures would disappear right after viewing them, there have been many screenshotted gems that have won over the Internet. This person, who was tragically misled by cake-shaped soap, had their snap of inedible misfortune quickly make rounds on the web.

5. Cat pictures are no stranger to virality, but usually, the felines circulating around the Internet have their faces intact. However, this person hilariously managed to capture his pet in the midst of a sneeze. The cat’s comical illusion of facelessness quickly catapulted it to the front page of Reddit.

Reddit /u/ Rad_Raptor64

6. Once face swapping took over social media, it wasn’t long before a bunch of unsettling masterpieces began flooding the Internet. Babies quickly proved to be ideal swap subjects and this is only one of the many creations that garnered some online attention. From adorable to haunting in just one quick interchange.

7. The Target employee who embraced some creativity in product naming may have ended up losing their job, but at least their work was appreciated by the Internet. While the tag didn’t remain attached for long, one customer managed to take a picture and post it to Reddit where the shelf life is eternal.

Reddit /u/ andyislegend

8. For most people, the sight of a tornado will send them running for underground shelter. This man, however, decided to nonchalantly mow his lawn despite the incoming natural disaster. The picture was quick to become a viral sensation and was picked up by a few news stations, including CTV Newsto which the man said he was “keeping an eye on it.”

9. The “Oldify” app gives you the daunting glimpse of what you might possibly look like once old age takes its toll on your once youthful appearance. Many of the results have been shared online, but one has managed to be shared a lot more than others, and it’s the terrifying result of an app-aged belly button.

10. This man was simply enjoying a ferry ride alone while pondering out at the view, but little did he know, he’d become part of a picture that would circulate endlessly across the Internet. The woman’s dress in the foreground just so happened to make it look like this man was a miniature back rider, and that’s all it took for it to become a viral hit.

11. There will always be a place on the Internet for dogs, but it’s not every day that you see one that bears a striking resemblance to Falkor the Luck Dragon from The Neverending Story. This fantastically unimpressed pooch was initially shared on Reddit where it was quick to garner attention and become a subject for multiple photoshopped efforts.

12. People do some strange things and the Internet has only helped to bring out some of the weirdest. This man, for whatever reason, decided to go out and about wearing a fish tank as a helmet. It’s a visual that prompts a lot of questions that may never be answered, but if attention was his goal then he certainly got it.

13. One thing that ensures a picture will go viral is if it makes you do a double take. At first glance, this looks like a relatively normal snap until you notice the ground and trees standing in contrasting ways. This clever mind-bending shot has been shared plenty of times and making heads tilt all across the globe.

14. While we’re all well aware that monkeys have to puke just like the rest of us, it doesn’t really explain what’s going on in this picture. The fact that this man is consoling a vomiting primate is one thing, but why two people felt the need to document this moment from separate angles is the bigger question.

15. Teeth can be different in size and shape, but for the most part, they generally look the same. However, this is one wonky tooth that even the tooth fairy would reject. This extracted dentist’s nightmare was quick to boggle the minds of the Internet after it was shared thousands of times online.

16. There’s nothing quite like tossing a raw chicken in the air with the love of your life to celebrate tying the knot, right? There have been many couples who have added their own personal touches to their wedding shoots, but this is a first, which is probably what made this picture become such a viral hit.

17. It’s safe to say that Jake and the previous owner of this bra did not work out. You never know what you’re going to find when your shopping at a second-hand store, but rarely do the undergarments tell as much of a story as this bra does, which one Reddit user found at Good Will.

18. It’s not often that a picture of something as ordinary as a grape goes viral, but when a grape looks like a carrot, it warrants a couple of shares. This uncomfortably elongated grape was uploaded to Reddit’s mildly interesting subreddit where it was quick to garner over 50,000 upvotes.

19. When you’re queuing behind a car, it’s not all that uncommon to think to yourself, “What the heck is taking them so long?” However, it’s a much rarer occurrence that you question if they are even human at all. This ominous hand grabbed the attention of the driver behind and the Internet after it was posted to Reddit.

20. Once the panorama feature was integrated into smartphone cameras, people became able to capture a much wider scope in just one picture. However, this feature’s auto-suturing of images didn’t just create scenic visuals, it also resulted in unintentional nightmares as seen here in this unsettling centipede baby picture that has haunted thousands.

21. Rarely does a golf game get so heated. Usually, when you see people casually enjoying a game of golf, the background isn’t ablaze, but these players seem quite unphased by their infernal surroundings. This picture, which was taken during the Oregon fires, went viral after it was posted to Reddit.

22. What makes a photo of two seemingly innocuous raccoons go viral you ask? Well, take a look at that rock. The still water reflecting the sky makes it look like the rock is coming hurling down at these poor creatures, but that’s far from the case. This disorienting picture was shared by thousands trying to understand what was going on.

23. Bizarre family photos truly found their home on the Internet instead of scrapbooks and made (most) people realize that their own family isn’t as weird as they thought. This strange picture received a lot of attention once it began making rounds online, and while there still may not be an explanation, you have to admire the dog’s self-control.

24. The guy who took this Chicken-clad picture probably never realized that it would become a staple of weird photo listicles forever and always, but that’s exactly what ended up happening. Why he did this? We may never know, however, the complete randomness proved to garner a lot of attention.

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