‘Milk Does The Body Good’ Is the Biggest Lie Ever And How The Government Helps Big Dairy Sell Milk

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The statement ‘Milk’s good for the body is a lie. According to some medical professionals, this statement is true. Everyone has been told a lie at some point in their lives. If you were told that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy were real, then I hate to tell you but you were lied to. Those lies were not harmful to us because we were children and we just wanted something to believe in, but to claim that milk’s good for the body is a lie, and may have serious consequences according to some leading medical professionals. Dr. Walter Willet believes it is more harmful than helpful to the body.

You’re probably thinking “I use milk in my coffee and my tea, and it’s even found in some of my delicious treats,” and you’d be right. Milk’s good for getting your daily calcium, potassium and protein intake, but you could also get that through fruits and vegetables. But the dairy industry does not want you to know that, so they’ve been spending billions of dollars trying to prove otherwise.

Dr. Willet has conducted several studies and has done extensive research on the topic and he believes that the dairy product may be more harmful to the body than an aid.

One of the reasons Dr. Willet believes that milk’s good for the body is a lie is because of the non-factor it plays in regards to bone fractures. The dairy industries and the government have been telling society that milk will make your bones strong and will reduce your risk of fracturing a bone.

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To try and prove this theory wrong, Dr. Willet published research that he and his colleagues conducted on 96,000 men and women from their two long-running, decade studies, the Nurses’ Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study. You can find the study in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.

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What the team found was that higher milk consumption during the teen years of both men and women did not translate into a reduced risk of hip fractures when the people aged. This just goes on to prove that milk’s good for the body is a lie. If it wasn’t wouldn’t you see a decrease in fractures from those who consume it on a daily basis?

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Dr. Willet also added that his team knows that consuming milk as a child could increase their chances of being tall. But he also mentioned that taller individuals are at a higher risk for some fractures. In fact, according to that same study, dairy could increase the risk of certain fractures by almost 50%. What is alarming about this finding is that countries that have low dairy consumption (Asia and Africa), have the lowest rates when it comes to osteoporosis. This could also prove that milk’s good for the body is a lie.

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In addition to those findings, statistics show that about ¾ of the world is actually unable to digest milk or any other dairy products. So if you cannot digest a product that is supposedly good for you, then it just further proves that milk’s good for the body is a lie. Who are we to blame then for selling a product that most people in the world cannot consume? The consumer? No, the consumer has been taught that milk’s good for the body, but what they should be told is that milk’s good for the body is a lie.

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But there are health risks that come with drinking milk that I have not discussed. According to Medical News Today, cancer is one of them, and you’re probably thinking “You can get cancer from everything,” and you’re probably right. But why is a good chunk of the population unaware that high calcium intake from dairy products is associated with an increased risk of ovarian cancer?

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Also, high calcium from any source could potentially cause cancer in men. You’re not hearing this from celebrities that endorse the dairy industry, or the advertisements that tell you how milk’s good for you.

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The dairy industry has been around for decades, and they have to protect their products any way they can, but eventually, people will catch on. You’re already seeing an increase in ‘dairy-free’ products, and Almond Milk sales have increased by over 250 percent from the year 2000-to 2015.

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