5 Belly-Blasting Exercises You Can Do Sitting Down

Working in an office has its benefits. A nice view, comfortable chair and no strain on the legs. But despite those benefits, sitting down for most of the day has its health risks. Your body is built to be moving throughout the day. In fact, Harvard Medical School examined 47 studies that examined the effects of sitting and they found that people who spent most of the day sitting down had a greater chance of dying from all causes. These effects increased even more for those who also did not exercise. In addition, a 2016 study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine estimated that prolonged sitting is linked to 430,000 all-cause deaths in over 54 countries. You don’t have to be part of the statistics; there are various types of belly exercises that you can do in your chair, according to the Daily Health Post.

Knee Pull Ups: The Daily Health Post states that this exercise is great for your core and lower abs, which will help fight stomach fat. To perform this exercise, you need to start by sitting tall on your chair and placing your feet on the ground at hip’s width apart. Keeping your back straight, lift your right knee towards your chest. Then bring your arms towards your shin; this will give you a larger stretch with your lower abs.

Double Knee Lift: This exercise will also work out your abdominal muscles. Start by sitting in your chair with both knees touching. If you can, place your arms and hands on the armrests of the chair. If the chair does not have armrests, hold the seat of the chair. While keeping your back straight, lift both knees to your chest. Then lower your feet to the ground, but ensure that they do not touch it.

Oblique Pull Ups: This is a modified double knee lift exercise, according to the Daily Health Post. Just like the double knee lift, begin in a sitting position with your hands and arms on the armrests if you can. Begin to lean to one side of the chair so part of your buttock is off the chair while lifting both knees to your chest. Repeat this with the other side of your buttocks.

Floor Reaches: This exercise will help reduce fat in your hips and sides. It is relatively simple to perform. Start by sitting tall in your chair and place your feet on the ground. Straighten your arms out at shoulder height. Then begin to twist your torso and lean forward to touch your left toes with your right fingers. Always make sure that your arms remain still when you do this. Do the exact same motion with your other arm.

Pull Up: This is one of the most beneficial exercises you can do in your chair. It will work your core, back, shoulders and arms, says the Daily Health Post. Not to mention it will help your waistline get thinner as well. To do this exercise, you will need a chair that does not have any wheels on it. Once you have that chair, place it against the wall for stability. Put your arms on the armrests and push yourself up off the chair and use your abs to lift up your knees. Hold this position for as long as you can and begin to slowly come back down.

So there you have it; just because you sit in a chair all day does not mean that you cannot exercise your body. The more you sit in your chair, the greater the chances of you putting on weight. These belly exercises along with a proper diet will help prevent your health from suffering at the hands of your chair.

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