16 Before And After Photos Of People Who Work Hard For Their Body

Losing weight and maintaining an active healthy lifestyle is no easy feat. Take it from me, my personal weight loss journey has been one struggle after another.

This year I entered my first 5K marathon and I’m forcing myself to change my lifestyle into a healthier more active one. I’ve gone on a special diet and I’m making sure to train at least every other day. This doesn’t mean that I’m 100% motivated all the time. Finding the motivation to exercise and run is always a daily struggle. When I do look for motivation, it’s always to /r/ProgressPics on Reddit. Users there upload their progress in their weight loss (or weight gain) journey. From people struggling with body dysmorphia, to people struggling with remaining healthy, the people there have inspired me in my own weight loss journey.

Just a quick disclaimer: this is an opinion piece on how people are inspired by their physical transformations. If anyone is considering making major lifestyle changes, they should consult a physician first. Check out the following 16 pictures of people who have undergone incredible physical transformations by working incredibly hard to have the body they desire.

Transformation #1: This progress pic was posted by Reddit user /u/canmu showing off her awesome face gains. In her photo, she states that she’s lost a whopping 94 lbs which is absolutely incredible.

Transformation #2: Holy cow. Submitted by Reddit user /u/walshmurda, showing off just how incredible some time and hard work can pay off with your looks. This guy has seriously nailed it.

Transformation #3: Another Reddit user with absolutely incredible face gains is /u/MorrisseysUnderbite who really dazzles us with her selfies showing her incredible physical transformation resulting in a loss of 150 lbs.

Transformation #4: Reddit user /u/SmithersBoss shows us his astounding loss of 170 lbs, and attributes this loss to diet, exercise, and sobriety. I’ve been told that drinking beer and wine really affect your weight gain. Maybe I should take a page out of this guy’s book and give up wine.

Transformation #5: Hubba Hubba! This guy turned into an absolute supermodel. It helps that he was cute to begin with but Reddit user /u/roman_3mpire lost an amazing 63 lbs.

Transformation #6: Reddit user /u/_Ocelots_Revolver_ shows us her “after” picture before her “before” picture almost as a reminder of where she had once come from after losing 81 lbs.

Transformation #7: This Reddit user by the name of /u/Slovien has lost a staggering 220 lbs where he stated: “(2 years, 14 months of actually trying) First picture of myself where I felt I finally looked different.” What an intense physical transformation.

Transformation #8: Another fantastic transformation picture from Reddit user /u/pinkelephant[expletive] who shows off a stunning weight loss of 104 lbs. She says that all she did was just work on her “CICO” (which stands for “Calories In, Calories Out”) the basic premise being to consume fewer calories than you burn each day.

Transformation #9: I’ve actually recently started the KETO diet which I’m really excited about but I was sad to think that I’d never be able to eat anything with carbs again. However, /u/Heisenberg3556 proves that KETO is great for weight loss, but then you can slowly reintroduce carbs as you move along your physical health journey. 

Transformation #10: Holy cow, this guy really did an amazing job at shedding some serious pounds. He went from 500 lbs to 288 lbs. That’s a loss of 212 lbs. His goal weight target is 225 lb. You can do it, /u/WageWarApparel.

Transformation #11: This Reddit user named /u/Supercayy got herself some mad gains with her transformation. She lost 35 lbs and plans to lose another 45.

Transformation #12: This person with the username /u/NamelessBanana, which might be the greatest Reddit username ever, lost an impressive 99 lbs to show us all what a powerful physical transformation looks like.

Transformation #13: This user named /u/Esan5221 lost 43 lbs at the age of 18. I wish I were young again because losing weight seems so much easier when you’re in your teens.

Transformation #14: Reddit user /u/VeganLionSr lost an absolutely astonishing 255 lbs going from 450 lbs to 195 lbs. VeganLionSr describes his physical journey, saying: “I used to be heavy meat and dairy consumer. I had depression, anxiety, and high blood pressure. I went vegan in 2013. Being vegan saved my life and saves others’ lives each day as well.” It’s amazing how lifestyle changes can radically transform your life.

Transformation #15: Another great example of some face gains from Reddit user /u/LindaEpp128. She lost 69 lbs by focusing on CICO (Carbs In, Carbs Out).

Transformation #16: Reddit user /u/Sheepsheepsheepdog wears the same outfit in each of her pictures, however, she shows just how incredibly far she’s come with her weight loss. She’s lost an incredible 84 lbs, which is truly inspiring for someone like me in my own journey to a better physical life.

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