Chiropractor ‘Fixes’ Slipped Spinal Discs By Hitting Them With A Hammer

A slipped disk, also called a herniated disk, is an injury that happens in your back. It happens when one of the disks residing in between your individual vertebrae bones moves out of place. A doctor from Malaysia believes he’s found the perfect method for treating this injury.


Usually, a slipped disk can cause some pain and discomfort when it presses against a nerve. The usual treatments include physical therapy, a surgery called microdiscectomy, or an epidural steroid injection. Needless to say, the conventional treatment is very arduous and painful.

Dr. Rosdi Hasan, from Malaysia, recently posted a Facebook video demonstrating his technique. The unconventional method uses a hammer to treat the slipped disks. He begins by drawing on the patient’s back with a marker, where he pinpoints where each vertebra, nerve, and muscle is located. Then, he places a piece of wood on the person’s back and hits it with a hammer. He does this multiple times, using light taps until he presumably gets the disk back in place.

His technique has come under a lot of fire. Other medical practitioners and chiropractors are advising strongly against this type of treatment. Some believe that the knocking force can actually do more damage than good.

One surgeon, Dr. Mahyuddin, told TRT World that you can’t treat a slipped disk blindly. A doctor has to know exactly where it is using an MRI or an X-Ray scan. He also believes that the markings Dr. Hasan uses on his patients’ backs are simply inaccurate.

Dr. Hasan has reported that he’s never injured anyone using his method and all of his patients have made a complete recovery. But why would anyone take such a risk? Well, surgery can have its own set of complications, so people flock to alternative medicine to avoid that.

Some of the rare complications that can emerge from operating on a herniated disk include nerve damage, infection and a 5 percent chance of a recurrent hernia. This means that there’s a chance the surgery might not cure the slipped disk at all.

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