Kim Kardashian’s Former Assistant Posts Savage Instagram Message After She Was fired

Leave it up to Kim Kardashian to stay in the headlines consistently, even if not directly or intentionally. The prominent pop-culture figure has been a household name for ages now, though not always in the most favourable of ways. Establishing herself as a role model to many worldwide, she has been a central focus of attention in the media inevitably.

Following the news of the firing of her assistant, there has been some shade thrown in Kim’s direction. Stephanie Shepard, who was working with Kim since 2013 and embedding herself as a friend of hers naturally. The two had often been seen photographed and attending events and holidays together, appearing to be quite close in relations. Despite all of this, upon her sudden dismissal, there appears to be a revealed sense of bad blood between the two former friends and colleagues.

Holding the much-coveted position of COO of the Kardashian West Brands, Stephanie was recently let go, reporting to People Magazine that “it just didn’t work”. A source told the publication that although she made for a good assistant, her transition to a larger role in the brand and business didn’t go smoothly. “Kim gave her the chance, but after a short period of time, it became clear that Stephanie just didn’t have the knowledge to take on a role like that. Kim made an executive decision to part ways.” Always on the hunt for the next biggest and the best thing, in an authoritative position, it appears that Kim decided to move on and not dwell on something that simply wasn’t working in the way she wanted.

A source close to the fashion mogul stated that Stephanie was very close with Kim and “almost part of the family”. She’s remained friends and in contact with them, however, she and Kim are not on speaking terms currently. It’s believed that Stephanie was dropped from her position due to being too friendly and not strictly professional enough. Like many do in modern-day society, she decided to publicly address the situation, by means of social media.

Though she was dismissed a few weeks ago, there’s still a sour feeling that’s resonated. Directing to her Instagram account as a platform, Stephanie decided to bluntly speak out. “Self-care isn’t always lush bath bombs & $20 face masks, sometimes it’s going to bed @ 8 pm or letting go of a bad friend” The insinuation is evident and clear, with very little interpretation required. She then concluded with “It’s forgiving yourself for not meeting your impossible standards & understanding you are worth it. Self-care isn’t always a luxury but a mean for survival”

Kim Kardashian's Former Assistant Posts Savage Instagram Message Instagram

Choosing to publicly announce this through social media stirred up the pot further in their dispute, although it remains to be seen whether Kim will fire back on the matter. With the multitude of things on Kim’s plate, she undoubtedly has bigger things to gnaw at.

On a grander scale, this doesn’t tamper with Kim’s reputation, nor does it affect her brand as a whole. It’s very telling of the standard and professional ethics that she abides by, proving that at the end of the day, business means business.

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