What Your Favorite Color Says About You, According To ‘Color Psychology’

I know that all it takes is a simple Google search about your favourite color for people to get bombarded with dozens of links. One says that blue means you’re a smart person while another site says that blue means you tend to have a lower IQ. (No offence to those who love the color blue, it was just the first color that came to my mind.)

It’s hard to pinpoint which color means what. Hopefully, this research will put your mind at ease.

There is indeed something called “color psychology,” which focuses on human behaviour but not in the way that you may have thought. Color psychology often pertains to studying how color can affect human behaviour. For example, in 2008, The Seattle Times reported that Glasgow, Scotland introduced blue street lamps and the effect significantly brought down crime rates. Professor Tsuneo Suzuki at Keio University said, “There are a number of pieces of data to prove blue has a calming effect upon people.”

Though, there are some agreed-upon personality traits with each color. For example, those who love red are bolder people. You’re more extroverted and want to live life to the fullest. Not to mention, scientific studies have proved that people are more attracted to color.

Those who love blue are easier to get along with and tend to be more reliable.

If you lean towards green, you care quite a bit about what people think about you. You tend to want wealth more than others and good social standing among your friends. 

If orange is your jam then you’re probably really friendly and easy to get along with. You’re good-natured and more social than others.

It’s a fact that yellow kind of falls to the bottom of the barrel when it comes to favourite colours. Though, if it does happen to be your favourite, you like the idea of planning stuff more than you do really doing stuff. You might feel a little awkward sometimes but it’s never enough to bring you down.

For those who like purple, you can swing in one of two ways. One, you’re sensitive and creative. Two, you like mystics and unique people. For the most part, those who love purple are really into the arts in one way or another.

If you like pink, you may be a bit childish in that you wish you could go back to the glory days before having responsibilities.

Last but not least, if you love black (though it’s not a color, I know you guys were waiting for it) you tend to keep people at a distance and aren’t the warmest person. But, you’re independent and strong-willed.

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