Man finds $500 lying in ATM. But when bank teller sees it—immediately calls manager

Man finds $500 lying in ATM.Bestie

What happens when a man finds $500 lying in an ATM? The result will shock you, but before I get to that, let’s talk about the world we live in. In a world that is full of greed and materialistic gestures, it can sometimes be difficult to spot acts of true kindness.

This world was built on survival, and in the past, it was said that the strong would succeed and the weak would fail. But famous scientist Charles Darwin, who was a grandfather in the study of human evolution, believed that humans were a caring species.

I agree that humans are naturally caring people, but when life gets difficult, it’s hard to think of others, especially when Christmas is just around the corner. But watch what happens when a man finds $500 lying in an ATM.

The story starts with Bobby Puryear, who was making a stop at a local drive-through ATM during the holiday season. He was putting his card into the ATM when he noticed that there was money in the tray.

a man finds $500 lying in an ATM

He knew the cash was not his because he didn’t withdraw anything yet, but he suspected that the money belonged to the person who used it just before he did. For Puryear, $500 is the type of money that makes your eyes open a little wider. But he wanted the money to make it back to its owner.

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A man finds $500 lying in an ATM and what does he do? He drives around to the front of the bank, went inside and spoke to a teller. He informed the teller that he found this money in the drive-through ATM tray, but the teller would not take it. Instead, she decided to call her manager.

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When the manager came to speak to Puryear, he asked Puryear what he expected him to do. Puryear suggested that they look and see who used the ATM before him. The manager agreed and took Puryear’s contact information and told him they would be in touch. A man finds $500 lying in an ATM and all he can think about is giving back. You can comment and read about Puryear’s encounter on his Facebook.

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The very next day, Puryear received a call from the bank manager. He informed Puryear that they located the owner of the cash he found. Puryear was added to a three-way phone call which included a 92-year-old woman named Edith.

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Edith had recently used that ATM to take out $500 for her monthly rent, which was $480. So the $500 that Puryear returned was a big deal after all. Edith was extremely grateful, and she even offered to give Puryear the $20 difference. Puryear knew that it was all the money she would have left for the month, so he declined. But once he got off the phone with her, he started thinking more about Edith. He didn’t think it was right that this elderly woman only had $20 to her name for the month.

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He immediately called back the bank manager he just dealt with and asked him to transfer $200 to Edith. If you knew that a man finds $500 lying in an ATM and wants to give it back and more, what would you do? A co-worker overheard the conversation between the two and was touched by the gesture, so he called Puryear and told him he wanted to chip in $100. Puryear was moved by the offer, but that wasn’t the only call he got. Exactly one hour later, Puryear got another call from the bank. The manager told Puryear he shared this story with all the tellers. In return, they put together an additional $300 for Edith.

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This is a story that you can’t write, but only experience. It was shared on Facebook over 177,000 times. The holiday season is meant to bring hope and joy to everyone. But sometimes it takes a special someone to make others realize that this world is bigger than just us. We have to try and look out for others because sometimes they need our help more than we know. A mind finds $500 lying in an ATM and ends up saving Christmas for an elderly woman.

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