Man Shares Story Of How He Lost 50 Pounds With One Simply Change

Losing weight and getting active can be difficult depending on your overall lifestyle. Feeling motivated to go to the gym immediately after work isn’t the easiest thing when you’re already tired and ready to get into bed. Similarly, waking up hours before work to get a sweat session in doesn’t always seem worth it when you’re already tired.

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We’ve all heard it before; diet and exercise are the keys to living a healthy life. But it really isn’t that simple for a lot of people including Georgia Tech professor David Bader. Since his early twenties, Bader had been following a clean vegan diet but wasn’t staying slim. Finally, after two decades of struggling with his weight, Bader purchased himself a Fitbit and his life changed for the better.

“I’ve had a weight problem my entire life,” Bader explains. “In college, I weighed 243 pounds at my heaviest. I lost weight when I became a vegan, but quickly gained it back as I raised my daughter while working full time.” He explains that everyday tasks were a challenge due to the extra weight. “Even a walk would leave me out of breath.”

Diet alone definitely wasn’t getting the job done and Bader found himself growing frustrated so that was when he bought the Fitbit. “I purchased a Fitbit Charge HR that records my steps, heart rate, and activities, and soon I began tracking my daily steps.” About a year ago, Bader started walking as a way to clear his thoughts but he didn’t see any weight loss improvements even though he was taking 10,000 steps a day. After increasing his steps, Bader saw a significant change.

Bader goes on to explain how his weight loss journey began, “I began by walking between two buildings at work, and getting used to wearing the Fitbit tracker. During this time I learned how to use features on my smartphone, such as talk-to-text, and voice commands. That allowed me to multitask while walking, such as answering emails while walking on safe paths where I wouldn’t have to deal with traffic.”

Thanks to his new routine, Bader upped his daily steps from 10,000 to 27,000 steps, which is the equivalent of 12 miles. “I was determined to walk at least that number of steps daily, and usually walked about 13 and a half miles per day. I started losing about two pounds a week,” he says.

Bader was inspired to keep himself going and encouraged to get others involved. He started taking meetings outside where they could walk around campus. The routine isn’t foolproof and sometimes other things get in the way like airplane rides or out-of-town conferences but Bader still tries his best.

Bader’s advice for those looking to make a lifestyle change is: “Don’t give up! Anyone can get healthy. Get a Fitbit and walk! It doesn’t matter how much, just get up and take some steps!”

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