McDonald’s Starts Selling Family Share Box

It sounds like a fast-food miracle. Like many other fast food chains (especially KFC that has long offered large meals meant for the whole family) McDonald’s is now experimenting with a Family Share Box! There’s only one catch…it’s only available in New Zealand. Other fast-food chains that currently offer family sized meals include Taco Bell with their 12 Pack or their Supreme Variety Pack, as well as KFC with their family bucket meals.

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According to YouTube vlogger Nela Zisser, the Big Family Share Box at McDonald’s comes with two Big Macs, two Cheeseburgers, two McChickens, four medium fries, four medium soft drinks, and even comes with four regular ice cream sundaes! Why on earth hasn’t this family share box come to North America? I can think of a bunch of times that purchasing a large box set like this would be useful in party situations! 

In Australia, McDonald’s offers a dinner box that has a little more modest fare, including a choice of any four burgers on the menu, four family sized fries, a 10 pack of chicken McNuggets, and four medium soft drinks. Australia doesn’t quite have the family share box just yet. There is no word whether or not this will be coming to North America anytime soon, but it’s fun to fantasize about feeding the entire family with delicious fast food.

Just last year, McDonald’s experimented with creating the McVegan in Finland. The burger itself contains a very special blend of 100% vegetarian-based hamburger, that includes fresh slices of tomato, lettuce, pickles, and a brand new vegan McFeast sauce made exclusively for Finnish customers at McDonald’s. Our only question is, when will we get some?

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Australia and New Zealand have another great item available at McDonalds that isn’t available anywhere else. The Bubblegum Squash McFlurry is an item available in both Australia and New Zealand. According to FirstWeFeast, the McFlurry contains soft serve ice cream, marshmallows and bubblegum-flavored syrup. There isn’t any actual squash in the McFlurry, in this case, the word “Squash” is another way of saying marshmallows.

Another fantastic item only available in New Zealand is the Georgie Pie: Steak Mince ‘N’ Cheese. Each pie is baked fresh in store according to the McDonald’s website. The tiny pie has a classic take on the traditional meat pie, with juicy minced steak meat, a flakey pastry crust, and savory melted cheese. The mincemeat pie is one of the oldest recipes to come out of Europe, making it a classic addition to the menu.

All these items only available in Australia or New Zealand make us want to travel there and feast! Hopefully, these items, including the Family Share Box, will come to North America. Health conscious people searching for healthier alternatives to fast food opt for other sources of food, which saw a dip in McDonald’s profits since 2012 according to Financial Times. Now, McDonald’s is experimenting with a back-to-basics approach to their menus to adapt to our modern market!

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