15 Reasons Why Being A Teacher Is Not For Everyone


When you decide that becoming a teacher is what you want to do for the rest of your life, there’s a ton of positives that come out of it. For one thing, you have a huge impact on the kids and their future.

We’re always seeing these teachers on The Ellen Degeneres Show talking about what a difference they have made in their school and their classroom and how they truly love their job more than anything. It makes us think “hmm I can do that too.”

So after you watch that segment on Ellen, you go to your computer and start researching all about being a teacher and what the job entails. All of a sudden reality sets in and you think “never mind.”

If you don’t have time to research, we have 16 reasons that being a teacher is definitely not for everyone. Take notes.

1. It’s kind of known that if you want to be a teacher, you do it for the quality, not quantity. Teachers don’t get an incredible salary.

2. They don’t get nearly enough supplies for their classrooms. Much of what they earn ends up going to things that the school should supply.

3. On top of that, they have to bring everything that they got for their classrooms usually all by themselves. Which is a lot of work.

4. All the annoying trends that kids are into these days. Teachers have to deal with it every day. Some are not that bad, but let’s face it, fidget spinners should be banned forever.

5. Also, besides the annoying trends, you probably get songs stuck in your head that kids sing and talk about throughout the day. Like that new Justin Bieber song or anything from Frozen.

6. And then there are those kids in the classroom who try and outsmart you, leading you to have at least 4 facepalm moments throughout your working day.

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7. Or when you think you have the perfect way of explaining how to do fractions to the kids, and then there’s a few who didn’t understand a word you just said.

8. It’s also a pretty exhausting job. Think about it, by the time you’re done school, you get home, eat and then before you know it you have to do the marking. By the time it’s 10 pm you’re in bed and then a new day starts soon after.

9. Oh and don’t think weekends are really your days off. If you aren’t freaking kids out when they see you at the mall, you’re thinking about lesson planning, writing a lesson plan or talking about lesson planning.

10. Generally,  lesson planning takes up most of your brain. They’re overtly detailed, time-consuming and tedious.

11. You’d think that principals have a teacher’s back at all times, but sometimes they are the ones who pile on even more work on you.

12. Then you have to deal with parent’s notes explaining why their kid didn’t end up doing the assigned homework or didn’t show up to the test they knew about a month ago.

13. You have to be alert 24/7. Especially during tests so that no kid in the class is cheating. If they do cheat you have to be the “bad guy” and get them in trouble.

14. The risk of public embarrassment is incredibly high if you’re a teacher. One small mistake can follow you around for the rest of your career.

15. Parents also put a ton of pressure on you. If their kids don’t end up going to college, be prepared to hear an earful that it’s your fault.

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