9 Things Guys Secretly Hate About Sex With Women On The Top

While humans and other animals have been biologically bred to want to pass on our genes, humans are one of the very few animals who can derive pleasure from sex (along with some primates and dolphins.) However, different positions elicit varying degrees of pleasure. While some might prefer being on top, others choose to be on the bottom.

However, there are some positions that people just downright dislike. So here are nine things that guys hate about sex with women on the top. Penile fracture is a real thing. And it is exactly what it sounds like. Guys may sometimes not want a female on top because the male genitalia can actually snap in some instances when your partner is not too careful!

Another thing that guys may not necessarily like is when the long hair dangles down into their face while she is on top. This can potentially ruin the moment since some ticklish individuals might burst out into a fit of laughter. Another reason why guys may not prefer to be on the bottom is that he doesn’t have a view of the posterior. Furthermore, being on top is a ‘position of power’ and some people are just unwilling to surrender that position even during passionate lovemaking.

Men might also dislike women on top because they could get injured. If the woman is on top and she wants more leverage, chances are she is going to stick her elbows right in your chest. And if you’re not the meaty type, you’re bound to get some bruises. Furthermore, being on top might cause you to hit your head on the headboard while she is on top.

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