Couple’s Attempt At A Vacation Selfie Resulted So Hilariously Wrong That It’s Going Viral

The panorama camera has become a key tool for capturing those scenic landscapes that a regular lens just can’t do justice. However, the feature requires mannequin-like stillness of any and all subjects in order to work.

Couple’s Attempt At A Vacation Selfie ResultedReddit /u/ JuddJasper

Any slight motion can have some seriously bizarre, and sometimes haunting results when the smartphone attempts to suture together the multiple shots. One couple quickly discovered this glitchiness when the girlfriend happened to sneeze during their panoramic selfie.

The hilarious result of this couple’s failed selfie has become somewhat of a viral sensation and has prompted others to share their comically botched panorama pictures. “My phone has a wide selfie feature similar to a panorama,” Reddit user JuddJasper wrote on the Pics subreddit. “You need to sit still for it to work. My girlfriend sneezed, and this happened.”

The result? A slightly demonic two-faced girlfriend. One face shows her posing for the selfie while the other captures her in all of her mid-sneeze glory. Once JuddJasper uploaded the picture to Imgur and shared it on Reddit, it was quick to make its way to the front page and go viral. In only three days of being shared online, JuddJasper’s failed panorama selfie received over 600,000 views on Imgur and was upvoted over 150,00 times on Reddit.

Now that JuddJasper’s girlfriend is all over the Internet, he said, “She has been getting a bunch of messages from her friends. But her main concern is that she becomes a meme. Whether it happens or not, I am busting a gut seeing her all flustered at all this attention.”

Naturally, amongst the over 3,000 comments, many jokes were made about this destined-to-become meme photo. Reddit user, Absolute_cretin, wrote, “She looks like one of those happy/sad double face theatre masks.” Another asked, “How’s it to date a Siamese twin?”

The panorama camera has become a must-have feature on almost all new smartphones primarily because when it works the way it’s supposed to it’s great, but when it doesn’t sometimes it’s even better.

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