Soldier Goes On Leave To Meet Newborn Daughter, Walks In Hospital Room And Can’t Believe His Eyes

Jake and Chelsea Osbourne shared the heart-warming story of how their newborn baby girl came into the world.


First Lieutenant Jake Osbourne was deployed for duty just one month after discovering his wife was pregnant with their first child. Although Chelsea Osbourne was used to having her husband gone for long periods of time, being a military wife while pregnant was harder than ever.

Luckily, Chelsea Osbourne had a great support system to be there for her while her husband could not. The distance was just as hard for soldier Jake Osbourne, who could only imagine what his wife was going through from afar.

As Jake continued his deployment in Afghanistan, it became clear he wouldn’t be there for the birth of his newborn daughter. Luckily, the soldier’s family was there to support his wife Chelsea during labor.


But just in the nick of time, Jake’s commander told him to pack his bags because he was being sent home on leave! Jake says he was out of Afghanistan in just two days and found out the news his wife was going into labor while waiting for his next flight.


Jake’s sister gave him a play-by-play of the birth of his daughter while he was in the airport. ‘Chelsea has been joking with me this entire time I’ve been gone saying that it hasn’t really set in with me that we’re about to have a baby,’ admitted Jake.

Jake didn’t realize what Chelsea said was true until he made it to the hospital and walked through the doors to find his newborn daughter Paisley in Chelsea’s arms. Jake says he had to head back to Afghanistan a week after making it to the hospital, but only for a couple of months until he’s reunited with Paisley and Chelsea once again.


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