8 Strangest WWE Matches Of All Time

Fans of WWE can’t get enough of the interesting, sometimes ‘out there’ storylines of the wrestlers. They are always entertaining, but sometimes they can be downright strange. Some of the strangest WWE matches include:

  • The good housekeeping match
  • Turkey on a pole match

Sometimes these matches had really strange costumes, or plot lines, or both. There were sometimes elaborate sets as well.

There was also a wrestling match that featured an uncooked turkey as part of the fight. Check out the 8 strangest WWE matches of all time.

1. The first strange match is the King of the Road Match at WCW Uncensored 1995. The Blacktop Bully and Dustin Rhodes fought each other, and it looked like something out of a cheesy action movie. They were inside a cage-like structure, and both of them even bled a bit.

bizarre wrestling matchesWWE

2. The next strange match was between father and daughter Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon at WWE No Mercy 2003. Vince faced off against his daughter in an ‘I Quit’ Match. It got downright bizarre when Vince brutally choked Stephanie with a lead pipe from behind, and he looked quite crazy. In the end, Vince won the match.

crazy wwe matchWWE

3. The Good Housekeeping Match WWF No Mercy 1999 was strange because it was blatantly sexist. The match between Chyna and Jeff Jarrett, where a bunch of household items were included in the fight. This included an ironing board, a broom, and you can even see Chyna smacking him with a pie. Chyna did win, but these sort of matches aren’t featured anymore.

The Good Housekeeping Match WWE

4. The Four Doinks Run Riot at WWF Survivor series 1993 was definitely a strange match. It started with Doink the clown who fans either loved or hated. The clown’s popularity faded, and then Bam Bam Bigelow, The Headshrinkers, and Bastion Booger were on one side. One the other side were Men on a Mission and The Bushwhackers. The clown outfits, and slipping on banana peels, and eating turkey were just very strange to see in a wrestling match.

he Four Doinks Run RiotWWE

5. The Chamber of Horrors WCW Halloween Havoc 1991 was another weird match, where inside a cage El Gigante teamed with Sting and The Steiner Brothers to face Abdullah The Butcher, The Diamond Studd, Big Van Vader and Cactus Jack. There was a chair of torture, and the whole plot was very different for a pro wrestling match.

The Chamber of Horrors WCW Halloween HavocWWE

6. The Kennel from Hell WWF Unforgiven 1999 was also very strange. The Big Boss Man faced Al Snow in the ‘Kennel from Hell.’ The story was weird with the Boss man killing Snow’s Chihuahua named Pepper, and feeding it to his rival. This match reached comical levels when numerous ‘attack dogs’ were positioned around the ring, but they were all misbehaving.

The Kennel from Hell WWF Unforgiven 1999WWE

7. Another strange match was the San Francisco 49ers Match WCW Monday Nitro 2000 between Booker T and Jeff Jarrett. Vince Russo had been the previous champion, but vacated the belt in time for this main event. The title was placed in one of the boxes that were the main part of the match. There were four boxes, three had weapons inside, and one had the title. The wrestlers had to open each crate, and Booker opened one where he found a framed picture of Scott Hall.

San Francisco 49ers Match WCWWWE

8. This last match is downright ridiculous, and it is the Turkey on a pole match AWA all star wrestling in 1989. The ‘Turkey on a pole’ match was introduced where Colonel Debeers faced Jake ‘The Milkman’ Milliman. The two wrestlers were fighting to grab the uncooked bird, and it seems like they were running out of promotions.

Turkey on a poleWWE

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