Ric Flair Becomes Used Car Salesman In New Ad

No one can deny that the Nature Boy is one of the most iconic wrestlers in history. In his multi-decade spanning career, the man has seen it all and done it all. But it makes you wonder; if he hadn’t been able to put all that charisma and swagger into the squared ring, where would he be today? US Auto Sales recently showed us what that alternate universe would look like thanks to a commercial.

In the clip, Ric Flair plays a “wheeling-dealing” used car salesman whose personality outshines all the cars in the lot. The car dealership, which can be found in Georgia, South Carolina and Florida, used him as the worst case scenario when it comes to buying a car. The argument in the commercial is that unless you want to end up buying from a lunatic like the Nature Boy, you’ll have to go to US Auto Sales instead.


It didn’t really work out that way. Seeing Ric Flair saunter and hassle customer, employees with his jet-flying, kiss-stealing personality and yelling “Woo!” for no reason every other minute makes you wish your local car salesman had an ounce of that charisma. Users in the comments section for the commercial also pointed out how much they prefer the Nature Boy selling cars over their “regular” flagship store commercial.

It looks as if Ric Flair started out following instructions from the director, but then slowly descended into madness. At some point in the commercial he’s seen dealing a figure four headlock onto a poor man lying on the pavement.

The title of the commercial, “Ode to Dusty”, is a reference to the Nature Boy’s old colleague and rival Dusty Rhodes, who starred in a commercial for a Florida car dealership in 1983. It’s a great nod to what’s probably the best car dealership commercial featuring a wrestler ever made.  

It’s good to see Flair branching out and accept sponsorships and commercial deals. That’s not to say that the wrestler hasn’t been busy: he had been managing his daughter Charlotte until earlier in 2016, and a recent clip of him working out at the gym and talking about his strict workout regimen went viral. At 67 years old, the 16-time world champion is still deadlifting 400 pounds every day, putting all of us who don’t exercise to shame.

Besides being in great shape and holding the employee of the month title at a fictional car dealership, Ric Flair will also be receiving an honorable mention from the WWE. Before this year’s WrestleMania, the company will unveil a statue made in the Nature Boy’s honor.

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