Video Of Detroit Blowing Up Silverdome And Failing Spectacularly

The demolition of the Silverdome was meant to completely tear down the structure. The crew had placed explosive charges at specific points in the dated stadium. The force was supposed to bring the entire place down. However, while the demolition took place and the explosives were set off, the structure stayed hilariously intact.

The blast was intended to level the concrete and steel structure, and in doing so, transform it into a massive pile of rubble that would make it easy for trucks to come in and pick up the mess left behind. What instead happened, was that the charges that were supposed to destroy the building didn’t do that and the building basically fell back in place.

Sadly, this happened in Detroit. A city that is working as hard as it can to change its reputation of urban decay. It’s unclear exactly why the building still stayed put together after the explosion. However, it’s likely that because the concrete is reinforced by a net of steel rebar, it kept it upright.

Those in charge of the demolition have commented that the steel beams were in fact cut. The structure is still scheduled to be taken apart, but it is unclear when that date will be. It definitely needs a lot more explosives to get the job done. Many people have commented on Twitter about the absurd stubbornness of the stadium. Twitter user Tom Corey (@TomRCorey) writes, “Fitting end for the #silverdome. Even the walls are afraid to cross the goal line.”

Another Twitter user, Jeremy Klumpp (@Klumpp13) writes, “We’re 10 minutes post-explosion & the #Silverdome is still standing. The place must be waiting until the 4th quarter to actually implode.” People have a way of making everything so relevant.

The savagery didn’t end there. Aaron Santini (@AaronRadioGuy) added, “The #Silverdome not collapsing when the charges went off might be the most #Lions thing in the history of Lions things.”

Twitter user JHV (@vanhouz3) added to the mockery by writing, “This is the most Lions-y thing ever. One last Silverdome fumble. #Thanksford #Silverdome #Fail.”

The stadium was constructed in the early 1970s and hosted the Detroit Lions from 1975 until 2002. If you would like to see the epic fail for yourself, check out the video down below!

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