593-Foot Free Throw May Be The Greatest Basketball Shot Ever Made

Three Australian friends set out to beat the world’s highest basketball shot. The record was set by ‘Dude Perfect.’ He made a shot standing on top of a 533-foot-tall building and got the ball to go into the hoop. Now, that record has been bested in an epic way.

They call themselves ‘How Ridiculous’ on YouTube and their goal was to make a basketball shot from the top of the Mauvoisin Dam in Valais, Switzerland. It was one of the ten tallest dams in the world, and the entire area makes for a breathtaking backdrop.

They wrote on their YouTube account that it only took three attempts for them to get the world record-breaking shot. The description reads, ‘On only the THIRD attempt, Derek breaks the Guinness World Record for the highest basketball shot ever, swishing one from a massive 593.73 ft off the top of Mauvoisin Dam in Switzerland! How Ridiculous!’ How ridiculous indeed.

How Ridiculous have actually set the world record for the highest basketball shot before Dude Perfect beat it? In 2011 they got a shot into a basketball net from 219 feet in the air. It will probably be only a matter of time before the record is broken inspiring them to go to higher heights.

In the YouTube video, one of the guys explains that this time when it came to trying to break the record, it was not only about the height but also about where the shot took place. When you watch the video, you will see that it will be difficult for anyone to top what they did.

The Greatest Basketball Shot Ever Made

They also explain that breaking the record is so much more than just making the shot. It’s a whole process for them, from planning it out and making the trip together to the location.

‘I think the thing I would love this video to do is to inspire others to keep greatness at whatever they are good at’ says one of the How Ridiculous members. This video certainly does that.

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