12 Things The WWE Keeps In Their Warehouse



Back in 2014, the WWE decided to feature a series dedicated entirely to their warehouse. All episodes of the show are available on their website, as well as on their YouTube channel, and while it’s no longer running or being aired, it featured some amazing pieces of WWE history that you might have forgotten about (or didn’t know about entirely). 

  • The WWE warehouse features clothing,
  • Rare merchandise,
  • And props used during historic matches.

The warehouse is located in Norwalk, Connecticut and it’s not a museum that the general public can just walk through. That’s why the show is so special; it shows fans the top-secret and ultra rare with the help of two very knowledgeable hosts, Joey Styles and WWE Archivist Ben Brown.

Here’s a list of some of the best items featured in this WWE special: 

1. The ring from WrestleMania I (1985): This item is surprisingly not the oldest or most iconic thing in the WWE warehouse, although it would make word a great exhibit at the WWE Hall of Fame building. Some interesting facts about this item include the way the ropes used to be made using kerosene to keep mildew away (a practice that wouldn’t fly today because of all those pesky health and safety regulations), and the fact that it looks simple on the outside but it actually takes a lot to build one.

2. The Undertaker’s caskets: The WWE keeps the famous caskets used throughout the Undertaker’s 24 year run, including the iconic WrestleMania Funeral Parlor casket and the double-sized 7-feet-tall casket used to bury the Big Show.

3. Some parts of the classic steel cage: Steel cages used to be blue structures designed to be climbed by wrestlers. The last time one of the iconic blue cages was used was during the Al Snow vs Big Boss Man match in Unforgiven 1999. The WWE decided to save some parts of it in order to archive their history, and hopefully one day they’ll use it again to fulfill the nostalgia of WWE fans.

4. The SmackDown fist: Fans who watched WWE SmackDown from 2001 until 2008 remember the iconic giant fist that would burst through the stage during a match. But the WWE loves to evolve and change appearance, so the fist eventually came down, leaving fans wondering where it went. Like with many items in this list, we hope to see it making a comeback to the SmackDown stage one day.

5. The Undertaker’s steel symbol: If you don’t remember this symbol, here are a few clues. Remember how the Dead Man did some of the creepiest and weirdest things during the Attitude Era? He would “sacrifice” wrestlers by placing them on top his Undertaker symbol, and in one such occasion he tied Stephanie McMahon to it and forced her into an unholy marriage ceremony. The last thing we saw of the symbol was during an episode of SmackDown in the early 2000s, when it was set on fire, but apparently fire can’t destroy the unholy thing because it’s sitting in the WWE warehouse.

6. The original throne for King of the Ring: The King of the Ring tournament was one of the best platforms for watching your favorite superstars battle it out. It was eventually phased out, for reasons only known to the WWE, but the iconic throne still live in the warehouse.

7. The headstones used in Buried Alive matches. The Undertaker’s career spanned over three decades while he was at the WWE, so it’s no surprise that a significant amount of warehouse items belong to him. Each headstone was made for each match, which included one against Vince McMahon himself.

8. Hulk Hogan’s contract signed in blood: During a WrestleMania XIX match, Vince McMahon stabbed Hogan with a pen and used his pen to sign a contract with the WWE. This contract is one of the most iconic ones signed on WWE television, and it’s apparently being saved in the WWE warehouse.


9. Paul Bearer’s concrete crypt: The WWE warehouse might as well be called the WWE Death Museum. Their collection includes a seated booth used in gimmicks to kill someone using concrete. It was famously used during an Undertaker vs The Dudley Boyz match at the 2004 Great American Bash. The deal was that if the Undertaker didn’t comply with Paul Heyman, Bearer would be drowned using concrete. In the end, The Undertaker filled up the box anyway.

10. Andre the Giant’s boots and socks: The WWE warehouse also stores iconic items of clothing like the chaps used by Shawn Michaels and a rob worn by Harley Race. They also have a few pairs of boots famously worn by Andre the Giant. They’re as big as you imagine them to be, and pretty wide too.

11. Wrestlers music on vinyl: It’s not a secret that the WWE is a pretty musical company. Theme tunes and Christmas songs are a staple, but did you know they also came out with their own vinyl album titled “The Wrestling Album”? The album includes Roddy Piper and Nikolai Volkoff singing covers and original songs.

12. Punjabi prison cage. You might not remember the Punjabi prison cage, and that’s because it was only used twice in WWE history. The match was named after the Great Khali’s home, and it consisted of two hiat bamboo cages towering at 20 feet tall. It’s an interesting choice for the WWE warehouse, and it could mean that they’re saving it for a special occasion in the future.

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