Tom Brady Cuts Off Interview After Host Calls Daughter A ‘Pissant’

When a Boston radio host called Tom Brady’s 5-year-old daughter Vivian “an annoying little pissant” during an interview, the Football superstar decided to cut short his weekly guest spot on the show.

WEEI’s Alex Reimer made the comment on Thursday, January 25, when Brady was on the program “Kirk & Callahan.”

Brady and coach Bellichek regularly appeared on the program, but that may now change.

When Reimer made the remarks about Brady’s daughter, Brady politely scolded the host and ended the interview. Brady has said he is still not sure whether or not he will return as a guest on the program.

But he has said that he hopes “Reimer” does not lose his job over the incident, saying that we all make mistakes.

Since the remarks were made, the station has said Reimer has been suspended indefinitely.

Reimer’s comments were inspired by Vivian’s brief appearance in a Facebook documentary entitled “Tom vs. Time”.

At one point during the documentary, the young girl is seen asking her famous quarterback father, “Daddy, I’m going to soccer.”

The radio hosts’ comments were made as Brady attempts to lead the Patriots to a consecutive Super Bowl win over the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday during Super Bowl LII.

Brady is already the most winningest quarterback to ever play football, having won 5 Super Bowls, and, as of next Sunday, he will have appeared in 8 Super Bowl games.

One celebrity who came to the defense of Reimer over the comments is Howard Stern.

Stern, who has hosted a very popular radio program for many years, said of the comments: “I’ve got to stick up for radio guys, because, No. 1, you’re on the air and it’s not like there is a script.”

Stern also criticized Brady, stating: “Tom Brady should know better. If you’re going to put your young child on a TV show, on the internet, you’re putting her out there for comment.”

What do you think? Was Howard Stern correct that Brady should not have had his daughter appear in the documentary? Or was the radio host out of line when he criticized the football star’s daughter?

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