12 Things You Definitely Didn’t Know About Noelle Foley


It looks like Noelle Foley’s future in the wrestling industry is heading down the right path. She’s Mick Foley’s daughter, she’s the star of her own reality show, and she’s made regular appearances in various wrestling podcasts and WWE programs. She’s also a great advertising and branding face for the WWE, thanks to:

  • Her active social media persona
  • Her attendance of wrestling matches and events
  • Her involvement with fans in wrestling conventions

Noelle wasn’t just blessed with stunning good looks, she’s also a charismatic and lovely young woman who continues to charm wrestling fans and people in the entertainment industry.

As the daughter of a living and breathing WWE legend, and thanks to all the attributes she possesses as a wrestling personality, you can expect to see a lot more of her in the future. Here are some facts about her to get you started:

She has a great relationship with her dad. If you watch Holy Foley, you know that Noelle and Mick have a great relationship. They seem like close friends, and they claim they’re only had a total of three fights. Thanks to the show, Mick’s fans can see that he’s not only a great wrestler but also a great dad.

Her friends are wrestlers. Thanks to the respect that her father has gained in the wrestling industry, Noelle has earned the friendship of many veteran and current wrestlers. She’s been seen training with Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks on Holy Foley, and they even sat together for the main event at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II in 2016.

She’s dating Frank the Clown. In case you didn’t know, Frank the Clown is a wrestling fan known for travelling to nearly every wrestling convention and dressing like a clown. For many people, it’s surprising that Noelle struck up a real relationship with the bizarre clown, but the two are often seen together at wrestling events. During her interview for the Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, Noelle explained that she was drawn to him because how ‘different and weird’ he was.

She appeared in Beyond the Mat. The documentary, Beyond the Mat, was a wrestling documentary that followed the lives inside and outside the ring of many superstars. Noelle appeared crying on the front row when The Rock hit Foley 11 times with a steel chair during the 1999 Royal Rumble.

Wrestling training was hard for her. In spite of how much she loves wrestling, and how badly she wants to follow her father’s footsteps, Noelle has struggled to keep up with the athleticism required to succeed as a wrestler. As seen in Holy Foley, Noelle has struggled to improve her skills as a wrestler, which is a problem for anyone trying to make it into the WWE. Her love of wrestling will keep her in the industry one way or another, so fans don’t have to worry about not seeing her.

She does really well at wrestling conventions. Reportedly, Noelle is so popular with wrestling fans at conventions, that she’s been asked to make an appearance in quite a few of them. Noelle receives long lines of fans wanting an autograph and a picture with her, and Mick often joins her so they can make guest appearances together.

Her modelling roots. Noelle’s mother, Collette, used to be a mother. While Noelle hasn’t followed her mother’s steps yet, she reportedly keeps a portfolio of pictures taken by professionals. Her passion clearly lies in wrestling, but she could easily pursue modelling if she chose to.

She’s really good at interviewing wrestlers. On the Youtube channel, Ringside Collectibles, Noelle conducted a few really great interviews. You can find clips of her talking to Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Nash, Lana, Becky Lynch, Kevin Owens, Seamus, Finn Balor and a few others. Her skills behind the mic are obvious: Noelle is personable, fun and is very knowledgeable of the wrestling industry.

She has a great relationship with her brothers. One of her brothers, Dewey Foley, is currently a writing assistant on the WWE writing team, and hopefully the two can work together once Noelle establishes herself in the WWE. In Holy Foley, we see that the two have a close relationship. She’s also a great older sister to Mickey and Hughie.

She loves the wrestling business. If this wasn’t obvious by now, then this should convince you. Noelle spends a lot of time during the year travelling to many shows across the country. She even attends shows in the independent circuit and outside of the United States. She’s become a recognized figure at wrestling shows, with fans asking for pictures and autographs with her.

She’s a social media personality. She has half a million followers on instagram and 150,000 followers on Twitter. Her fans enjoy her wrestling commentary and the pictures of the different wrestlers and celebrities that she meets.

Mick’s love for Christmas inspired her name. You probably know that Mick Foley is a massive Christmas fan. Not only did he star in the 2014 documentary I am Santa Claus, he’s also told quite a few Christmas-related anecdotes in his best selling autobiographies. He’s dressed as Santa for WWE events and in Holey Foley, he sang Jingle Bells out of his car, to the bewilderment of the pedestrians who witnessed it. Noelle was born on December 15th, and her name means ‘Christmas’ in French.

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