Japanese Muscle Idol’s Chun-Li Cosplay Reminds You To Never Skip Leg Day

If you’re unfamiliar with Chun-Li, we’ve got you covered. Chun-Li, who was recently popularized by Nicki Minaj in her newly released track by the same name, is a character in the Street Fighter series.

She was the first female fighter in the series and made her first appearance in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior in 1991. In the series, she is an expert martial artist and Interpol officer who restlessly seeks revenge for the death of her father.

Needless to say, she is fierce AF, so it’s only natural that she would inspire cosplayers to take up her look. Serious cosplayers make their costumes from scratch, but for Reika Saika, this also includes building a body to achieve Chun-Li’s frame and her signature mighty thighs.

Here’s a photo of Saika and an image of Chun-Li next to her as a reference point. If these images tell you anything, it’s that there are no shortcuts if you want to cosplay Chun-Li.

If you want to strive for authenticity, it’s going to take more than stuffing your costume. Saiki, who is a Japanese “muscle idol”, shows us that you need to hit the gym and never skip leg day.

This isn’t Saiki’s first foray into media exposure either. She has been making headlines for years for her impressive bodybuilding physique.

Apart from her incredible cosplay, Saiki is an idol member of the group Cheer ♡ 1 for Japan’s pro-wrestling league.

In addition, she debuted as a professional wrestler and mixed martial artist in 2016 when she was only 23 years old.  

With all of these accolades under her belt, it seems as though she was destined to cosplay Chun-Li whose most famous line is: “I’m the strongest woman in the world.”

Saiki reproduces the classic Street Fighter character impeccably. Aside from her powerful physique, she also replicates Chun-Li’s costume almost exactly.

Saiki is a model to us all, not just cosplayers. She is an example of what you can achieve if you work hard and have the right attitude. She is the real-life manifestation of Chun-Li.

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