Photos Of Brave Strangers Helping London Terror Attack Victims Will Give You Hope

Photos Of Brave Strangers Helping London Terror Attack

On March 22nd, 2017, London fell victim to a terror attack after 52-year-old Khalid Masood drove a car into pedestrians along the Westminster Bridge. The attack resulted in:

  • Over 40 non-fatal injuries,
  • 2 life-threatening injuries,
  • 4 critical injuries,
  • 4 deaths.

The tragic event was sombre news for London and the rest of the world who continue to mourn the innocent lives lost to another act of senseless violence.

However, one glimmer of hope that has shown the resilience of people present at the horrific event was how strangers alongside emergency services did everything they could to help one another. Before you read on please be advised that some of these images are graphic in nature.

Khalid Masood’s reign of terror lasted a mere 82 seconds, but the aftermath left London’s popular tourist spot, Westminster Bridge, on a trail of trauma.

In a matter of seconds, people were in dire straits and in need of medical attention. While ambulances rushed to the scene, it was the people nearby who transformed into heroes, risking their own safety to help strangers.

Inspirational images of people’s response to the attack have been circulating around the Internet and showing the people of Britain as well as tourists’ unity and strength during such a dark event.

It’s reported that medics from the nearby St. Thomas Hospital sprinted to Westminster Bridge where many people were spotted staying by the injured.

Politician Tobias Ellwood, a foreign office minister, is being hailed as a hero after he was pictured desperately trying to save an officer who was stabbed by the perpetrator.

Ellwood did everything he could for the stabbed officer before paramedics arrived, reportedly giving the man CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Unfortunately, even with the help of paramedics on the scene, Officer Keith Palmer was one of the four people who tragically died at Westminster.

Amol Rajan of BBC tweeted an image of the politician saying that if he were still a newspaper editor, he’d use that defining picture on the front page.

Metropolitan Police’s Head of Counter-Terrorism, Mark Rowley, stated, “This was a day we’ve planned for but hoped would never happen.”

Following the incident, flags on government buildings were lowered to half-mast in respect of those who lost their lives during the attack.

British Prime Minister Theresa May made a statement outside 10 Downing Street where she called the streets of Westminster “ingrained with a spirit of freedom” and “any attempt to defeat those values through violence and terror is doomed to failure.”

Many people have since gathered at the scene in commemoration with some even holding hands across the bridge as a symbol of unity.

The Prince of Wales visited victims of the attack and met with paramedics and support staff to thank them for their “marvellous efforts.”

People around the world have been sharing their own personal pictures of London to show unity and defiance. Inspirational captions alongside hashtags #WeAreNotAfraid and #WeStandTogether have been trending on various social media platforms.

The inspiring messages haven’t been limited to the Internet. London Underground stations across the capital have been displaying quotes of encouragement.

March 22nd was a dark day in London and for the rest of the world, but the people continue to show complete resilience and unity through the tragedy.

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