Watch This Doorbell Cam Capture An Idaho Trick-Or-Treater’s Kind Act

We can all use a feel-good story given how chaotic and sad recent headlines have been. This story comes from Idaho Falls and is about a young boy, who was out trick or treating on Halloween night. He happened to walk up to a house who had the candy bowl outside because the family wasn’t home.

trick 1News Live/YouTube

When he approached the bowl, he realized that it was empty. The Robertson family had instructed the trick-or-treaters to do a sort of trick before being rewarded with some candy. According to Robertson, “We left a sign that said ‘do a trick take a treat! Only one or two please you’re on camera!’”

After the family arrived home, they took a look at the camera footage just to see how long their candy bowl lasted. They saw the child that took most of the candy, but they also found the young boy whose kind act melted their hearts.

After approaching the house and realizing there was no candy left in the bowl, he is seen walking away with an adult family member. He paused at the edge of the camera, then made the decision to walk back to the bowl and deposited some of his own hard-earned treats into the bowl so that it wasn’t empty.

Robertson uploaded the video online and people all over Facebook loved the generosity of the young boy. He was not only good-natured enough to laugh off the disappointment of not getting any candy but he also thought of other kids.

It looks like the spirit of giving to others came a little earlier this year. Robertson said, “This kid in the video did something that would surprise just about anybody these days […] So I [thought] everyone should see it.”

Robertson has reported that he has located the boy and his family. He plans on rewarding his good deed by sending him a care package of goodies as a thank you. Check out the video below!

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