Woman Orders Second Beer For Fallen Soldier, But Then Bartender Brings Her The Bill

A military woman walked into a Buffalo Wild Wings in Tacoma Washington and sat down to have lunch. When bartender Brian Avey came to take her order, the military woman ordered for herself, but also ordered a second beer. Avey had to inform the woman that he could not bring her two beverages as per state law.

However, the woman explained that she was not planning to drink the second beer. She had ordered the corona to honour a fallen soldier, whom she referred to as her brother. Avey was unsure if this would be alright, but was assured that the second beer the military woman ordered would simply sit next to her. She was not planning to drink it.

Avey was given permission by the restaurant to serve the second beer. True to her word, the woman ate her lunch, drank her own beer, and left the second beer (a Corona) untouched. Avey was touched by the display and told his manager about it. The manager said that the Corona the military woman ordered would be on the house.

The bartender surprised the woman when he told her that there would be no charge for the second beer. She was so grateful that she left a note on her receipt. She wrote, “Thank you. An act of kindness goes a long way. It means a lot to me. Have a great rest of your day.”

Woman Orders Second Beer For Fallen Soldier

Brian Avey was so touched by the note that he posted it on his Facebook page. The story went viral and has received over 100,000 likes. It has also been shared over 50,000 times. Avey explained that he “didn’t have the heart to dump the beer out and throw it away.” He decided to do something with it that would be far better.

Avey placed the same beer the military woman ordered on top of a cooler and placed an American flag next to it as a tribute to other veterans and fallen soldiers. When he asked his manager if it was okay to do that, his response left the bartender surprised once more.

Avey’s manager said, “That’s fine, just do me a favour, put a fresh lime in it every morning.” The restaurant staff has decided to keep the beer on display as a tribute to other fallen soldiers. The restaurant has received calls from all over the world thanking them for their tribute to military men and women everywhere.

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