Little Girl Poses With Teen Parents, 17 Years Later Looks Closely At Picture And Exposes Truth

One Facebook user shared an inspiring photo along with a meaningful message to her family, showing gratitude for her once teen parents. The photo, which was shared to the Love What Matters Facebook page, shows Facebook user Madeleine on the shoulders of her young father on her mother’s graduation day back in 2000.

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Madeleine explains that her mother was 15 years old while pregnant while her father was 17. The couple faced a lot of judgment during her birth but remained together and focused on being a family. Although they faced the hardships of any teen parents (stigma, balancing school and careers, maturing together) they managed to always make things work.

“We made it TOGETHER,” wrote Madeleine in the Facebook post. “My mom was 15 while pregnant with me, she had me at 16. My dad was 17. The original picture is from June 2000.” Madeleine admitted that it wasn’t an easy time for her parents: “My parents were judged a lot during this time but stayed strong together. They both lived with their parents but were raising me together,” shared the Facebook user. “They were determined to make it and provide me with a future. My dad worked full time in construction and my mom was still playing soccer.”

Madeleine says that her parents were able to rise above the many challenges and posted the picture of her mother’s graduation day alongside her own graduation photo to show how far they’ve come. They even recreated the original photo with Madeleine once again on her father’s shoulders, adding a nostalgic touch to the powerful photo.

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Madeleine shared that the original photo, and her teen parents, have always been a source of inspiration to her. “I wanted to recreate this photo since the beginning of my senior year but especially after I accepted my offer to college.” The Facebook user explained that there was more meaning behind recreating the photo than just sharing a sweet family moment. “I also wanted it to be a reflection to show them how far we’ve come together as a family. My parents have always been my motivation to be successful in high school and now strive to do well in college.”

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The photo received an outpouring of responses, many Facebook users feeling moved by Madeleine’s parent’s success story. “I couldn’t ask for a more loving, supportive family than the one God gave me,” said Madeleine. “Yeah, that’s right, we made it TOGETHER.” The bond of Madeleine’s family shows through both the photos and in her heartfelt post.

Madeleine wrote, “Today, they have a strong, loving marriage. They purchased a beautiful home. My mom is a stay-at-home mom and my dad has a great career as a longshoreman. I have two little sisters that are following in my footsteps.”

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