A New Trend On Instagram: Girls Prove There Are No Ideal Bodies

Social media, particularly Instagram, has a way of playing mind games. We find ourselves going through various photos, seeing fit, gorgeous people and thinking “why can’t that be me”. Well, reality check: don’t believe everything you see. Seriously…don’t.

Specifically look at “fit” people, we always look at these photos that portray the “perfect” body. We look at these crazy abs, these lean legs and can’t help but wish we had that instead of the cellulite hanging out on our thighs.

Again, NEWS FLASH, it’s not all real. The 10-second transformation trend will help us clearly see this reality check. It’s a new trend on Instagram where girls post their “before” and “after” photos, with just a few seconds of time difference. It’s the perfect way to show that even the “ideal” body can look imperfect from a bad angle (and vice versa).

This is Megan Jayne Crabbe aka @bodyposipanda. Her Instagram page is all about body positivity, making women appreciate their curves and cellulite. She posted this photo, captioning “REAL TALK: the photo on the left is staged as heck. I was told where to put my legs, how to angle my arm, which way to tilt my hips…”

She continued, writing “…my eyes were watering from the false lashes and my hair will probably never look like that again. THESE ARE THE TYPE OF IMAGES WE COMPARE OURSELVES TO EVERYDAY! A posed, polished perfectly lit snapshot of the highlight reel”. Honestly, I couldn’t have said it better myself. YOU GO, GIRL!

@Thefittestbody is another Instagram page that dedicates itself to sending out some positive messages to women who are feeling like their bodies aren’t good enough. The women and captions send out incredible messages about not believing everything you see on social media.

@Nienke posted her photo on the group, sharing her 10-second transformation, writing “I have cellulite, much like every other woman on the planet. And yes, in certain poses and lighting my cellulite can look better or worse. First I was very insecure…but why hate it and be unhappy..”

@Tk_line09 is another young lady who’s all about body inspiration. She posts photos of herself, inspirational quotes and other things that show that women should love the body that they were given, flaws and all. What one person considers beautiful, is what another might not. As long as you are happy with your body.

She had her photo posted on another inspirational Instagram page called thewalloffitness. The photo was captioned, “What posed and flexed looks like compared to relaxed and being normal. Sometimes, we’re not all that we “post” to be. But that’s okay!”

Instagram page @skinnier gives healthy ways for girls to be in the healthiest shape that they want to be. No, that doesn’t mean being slim or having a ton of abs…that means leading a healthy life and loving your body. They post inspiration photos, videos and quotes.

They posted a photo of this young lady, with “worthy” written on both photos. One photo she’s posing, the other she is a bit more natural. The caption notes, “I hoped and wished for my body to look forever ‘posed’ my glorious stomach sucked in, my boob forever perky, my back forever arched, booty forever popping…I’ve slowly come to acknowledge that HEY my body is simply beautiful…”

@Jellydevote posted a photo, jokingly saying that it’s a transformation photo. I mean, after the first glance it looks like it is a transformation photo, but in reality, it is just a split second difference. She captioned the photo, “I love both of the photos! I don’t hate any part of them. It’s me, all me! And ALL EQUALLY BEAUTIFUL!”.

@Daniellegracep posted a news flash photo, specifically focusing on her legs. This too is not a transformation photo, but one that was taken with just a few seconds apart. She captioned the photo “Our bodies are not perfect. We see models, filtered photos, and perfectly posed people all day long. Often times it cases our expectations to change. We start to believe that those people look perfect…”

For those of us who workout, we all know what wonders yoga pants can do in making us look EXTREMELY fit. It can make our legs and even our tummies look lean. Well, @Skinnier posted another photo that gives us all a reality check. It also happens to be the world’s fastest transformation. Again, don’t believe everything that you see on social media.

@Saggysara is the final lady who is all about this 10-second photo difference. Her page is generally dedicated to body positivity and focusing more on leading a healthy lifestyle then looking socially acceptable. Her photo was posted on the Instagram page @fitnessemipire.x. Her caption is perfection, writing “felt like posting a little reminder to myself and everyone that having body fat is normal!! Sometimes I can look lean and have abs…”.


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