Would-Be Criminal Drugs Himself After Bartender Swaps Drinks

Going out to a bar or a party can be tough as a woman. Women are more likely to be the victim of sexual assault, either verbal or physical. In the worst cases, criminals use drugs like Rohypnol and GHB to incapacitate their victims. Some dosages are so strong that they can stop the victim from remembering what happened after they ingested it without consent.

That’s why people are commending the actions of a bartender, who revealed how he stopped a woman from being unwittingly drugged in front of him. The bartender made the revelation through an app called Whisper that allows its users to send anonymous messages. He said that while he was working behind the counter, he saw a man slipping a drink into a woman’s drink.


The bartender took matters into his own hands and switched the drinks, hopefully saving the woman from being assaulted. “I’m a bartender,” the confession reads. “Last night I saw a guy drug a girl’s drink. When he wasn’t looking I switched the drinks. Watched the guy drug himself.”

He doesn’t provide any more details after that, and we’re left to imagine that the criminal experienced all of the worst symptoms including nausea, confusion, dizziness and, ultimately, loss of consciousness.

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Sexual assault continues to be a serious problem around the world. According to the NSW Rape Crisis Centre, 20% of women are sexually assaulted in their lifetime, 70% of which are assaulted by a friend, co-worker, or romantic partner.  

Some users thanked the bartender for his actions, and responded with their own stories of how they stopped people from being harmed. One person said they saw a woman being groped at a party, so she called the police. The culprit is now serving time in jail thanks to her speedy actions.


Another user said that he injured himself while saving someone else. He said that while he was walking home he saw a girl being sexually assaulted. The rescuer broke his ankle in the process of saving the woman, but that it was worth it because he prevented the worst from happening.

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